Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day of Horse-Related Shopping

It is one minute before 8 p.m. and I just put the last boy to bed. Immediately, Cody got up. Sigh. I am home alone here. Well, alone with three boys, that is. And a dog. And two cats. And a rabbit. Thankfully, Jamie went to sleep immediately because he did not nap today. He did very well today and I am beginning to think he may be truly over this terrible sickness. We shall see. He ate some risky things today, though in small quantities, so it should be a good little test. Cody is begging for food, and it is probably my fault because I messed up his meal schedule today. I took him to town.

Yes, Cody and I went to town today. We left here just before lunch and went in to a farm store. We were shopping for horse supplies. It was fun. Well, sort-of. I found it stressful too, because at first no one in the store would help me and I needed help because I have never kept a horse at my own place before, so I have not had to buy feeding supplies. At any rate, I bought a trough for water, a shallow black rubber feeding dish for the pellets, which I also bought, plus a supplement to strengthen her hooves. I got her a salt block and a mineral block, and I also bought myself a riding helmet, finally. I was really excited about all of my purchases. I also found two gates for our round pen, but could not buy them because I had no truck to haul them home in. As it was, it was a tight squeeze to get the trough into the van with Cody in there too, but I made it happen. Now we are even closer to being ready to bring Sasha home. We just need some hay for the first week or so, when she will be in the round pen and have no access to grazing, and then we need to finish the fence. Everything else is ready for her arrival. I can scarcely believe it! It's really fun shopping for horse supplies. I even went and sat in a saddle that was on sale, but I did not like it. That's okay. I have use of a saddle for the summer, so I do not need to buy one immediately.

Oddly enough, I do not remember the rest of what I was going to post in here today. Though I was alone this morning and I am alone again, things went fairly well. I even took the boys out for a walk down the driveway and down the lane. I only did it because it was quite warm and very windy, which seemed to keep the mosquitos at bay. As usual, I was quite frustrated by the time we all got to our property line, which is not very far from the end of our driveway. So, I turned them all around and we went back. Once we got on the driveway, which is completely enclosed in trees, the mosquitos attacked. Cody and Radar had already run all the way home, and although I am not really psyched about running, I was tempted to do the same thing myself. But Jamie chose that moment to exert his will. He stopped walking and refused to go any further. I was mad! There were literally about a hundred mosquitos attacking me and swarming the stroller, trying to get at Micah. Thankfully, he was hidden safely behind a mosquito net, but I was not so lucky. I finally ran to Jamie, picked him up and held him on my right hip, and started running down the driveway pushing the stroller with my left hand. Jamie has lost weight this last month, but he still weighs thirty pounds, and that combined with the fact that he did not want to be carried made our trek down the driveway VERY unpleasant. I got to the place where we could see the house once again and then let Jamie down. Then I ran with the stroller. I'm telling you, it was disgusting. Mosquitos were attacking the net and they were attacking me. I was so grossed out. Less than an hour previous, I had marveled at what a beautiful day it was. Then, they ruined it. That's what mosquitos do.

Anyway, Jamie eventually moseyed on back to the house, and I went inside to brainstorm about what in the world to feed these guys. Cody had eaten fast food at 2 p.m. and Jamie is still on the BRAT diet. (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce & Toast) So, I selected toast, my personal favorite. He ate four pieces of toast with butter and raspberry jam on them. Then he had a bit of yogurt and a couple of Arrowroot cookies. Cody picked at his food. That's why he is up now, eating. More accurately, he is now done eating and is in the bathroom. I hope he is okay in there. I am feeling a little afraid that he is going to get this thing that Jamie has had, though it would be weird if it happened this long after it started for Jamie. He says he's okay, so I should just relax. For some reason, I am having a hard time doing that.

So, I am now in the middle of watching a movie on Mike's iPad, because I have nothing else to do. That's not true. I have homework to finish, but I started the movie when I was feeding Micah because I was stuck in one place and could not do anything else. I don't want to do homework tonight. I'm too tired, and I want some winding down time. Maybe tomorrow Mike will let me have some time to finish it. I hope so, because it's due the day after tomorrow. I have a good start on it already. All I need is some uninterrupted time. That's a laugh!

So, I'm signing off for now. Goodnight.

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candy said...

Wow, those misquitos sound ridiculously out of control! Girl, I am comming to your house really soon, and i can hardly wait!!!!! Sorry your driveway trip was ruined by pesky bugs. Well girl, see you soon!