Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mosquitos and messes.

I have been out of touch for almost a week here, and there are several reasons for that. Last week was one of the worst I've had and I have been very overwhelmed and exhausted. I am happy to report that I am doing much better this week, though today and for the last couple of days we seem to have contracted some kind of intestinal bug. In fact, I am currently having a hard time feeling like I will ever have clean hands again after what I had to clean up this morning. Everyone seems to be doing all right though, so that's nice. 

Jamie had an allergic reaction yesterday too, so that was interesting. We are not sure whether it was from mosquito bites, or from poison ivy, but he looked like someone punched him in the eye. His right eye had a huge, purplish puffy spot under it that was really hard. His left ear was also swollen and red. Actually, he looked a lot like Will Smith in the movie Hitch, when he has his allergic reaction. Jamie also had a swollen, hard lump on his arm near his elbow and hit was hot to the touch. He is okay today. Wow. This child is sensitive and we're going to have to really watch him with stuff like this. 

And speaking of mosquitos, I may have mentioned that this is our worst year since we have moved here four years ago. We do live in the middle of the bush, and yes, we are in Manitoba. Mosquitos do tend to take over and in some cases even ruin the summers if you're like me, and react badly to the bites. When we bought this land and were building our house, there were days I refused to even get out of our car when we would come to check on the progress here. It was seriously gross, and I was scared at the time that every summer would be that way and I would not be able to handle it. To my surprise and my relief, none of our three previous summers were that way. Now, after days and days and days of endless rain, it looks like we are just about as bad here as back in the summer of 2005, and I'm quite horrified by it. I really want some kind of mosquito trap or system to rid the area of at least some of them. I can't even open the door of my vehicle for a few seconds without letting in at least five mosquitos, and here is the clincher; these suckers are BIG! I mean it. I have not seen so many massive mosquitos in my life. I went out in my van on Saturday night to see a movie with my sister and a friend, and I didn't make it down my driveway before I had to put on the breaks to kill a mosquito. Okay, maybe that sounds a bit extreme, but I can't drive on the highway if I am sharing my vehicle with those blood-suckers, for fear I will have an accident if one of them comes close enough for me to lash out at one. I killed a couple of them and then I moved on, only to be confronted by the mother of all mosquitos just after I turned onto my gravel road. This thing was on steroids, or had perhaps previously fed on someone who was on steroids. Lucky for me, my road is not very busy, so I stopped right in the middle for a face off. No one was coming in either direction, so I grabbed a kleenex and glared at my foe. I may have done a little trash talking too. I often do that when hunting anything with more than four legs. My soft, white, crumpled weapon in hand, I slowly leaned toward the dash and than BAM!!! I struck. Struck out, that is. The evil mosquito was not in the kleenex and not visible on the dash anymore. But then I saw her. I can only assume it was a female, because I am told they are the only ones who bite, and this chick was out for blood. Unfortunately for her, so was I. She emerged slowly from the crevasse between the dash and the bottom of the windshield and squared off at me. She was so big I could actually see her facial expression. It said, "Bring it on!". My eyes narrowed and I struck again. And missed. I waited a moment and she came forward again. Her stance was cocky. She was on top of the world. Anger rose in me and I considered blindly mashing my kleenex repeatedly into the crevasse until it came out with guts on it. That was just what she wanted. I had to regroup. I did do a tentative swipe, which brought her floating out in search of a new fortress. The fool! Ha! She was right where I wanted her. My kleenex was swift and sure. Oh all right. So I ended up doing the spastic and violent mashing and likely hit the windshield at least four times before I made contact with my prey. But the point is, I got her! I opened the kleenex to make sure, and there she was, splayed out with six legs whose length would be the envy of any supermodel, but most assuredly dead. Ah. Victory was mine. I rode the rest of the way in peace. 

As far as my life as a house-mom goes, yesterday was filled with typical moments such as Jamie sitting on the floor with a can of iced tea mix, spooning it out into a cup; Jamie coming out of the bathroom in nothing but a diaper, his belly and legs and arms completely lathered up with hand soap; Jamie stealing the chocolate syrup out of the fridge and pouring it all over his clothes, his table in his room, his legs, his arms, his belly, his carpet... The nice thing was, when I wiped the chocolate off with a wet cloth, he lathered up really nicely from the leftover soap. Maybe I should just coat him with soap every day in preparation for these moments. 

Anyway, I must sign off now. I have not accomplished anything in this house today, and I need to at least make some lunch. I'm off for now.


candy said...

Sheesh, those mosquitos sound rough! I will have to warn my hubby about them cuz he grew up in California and Florida and so he has never experienced MB mosquitos. I think it is gross too when there is like a whole black cloud of them, I do not miss those bugs! We have red ants like MB has mosqitos, and when they bite it really hurts, don't like them at all.
Cute story about the chocolate syrup. At least it wan't staright sugar. The other day I caught my 3 year old eating handfuls of white sugar out of my baking canisters, YIKES, that was not cool. Needless to say he bounced off the walls all afternoon and no nap him or me.
The things we do for love!

CAT said...

Haha. I have found both of my boys sitting on the floor, each with a spoon in hand, eating the brown sugar out of the canister. Not pretty. What is it with boys and food anyway?!

We have red ants here too, but they are not as plentiful as the mosquitos. Their bite is definitely painful though! Last year Cody got ants in his pants, and it was pretty scary for him. Poor kid.

Christy said...

I love your sense of humour, Cheryl! I could so totally see the Great Mosquito Face-Off unfold and was giggling since it's so similar to my own some days :) Hugs my dear, Christy

Rox said...

Ha ha I love the mosquito/car attack!! There are "fogging" devises you can purchase at Canadian Tire. Not sure how you feel about such things. My Dad used to have one and they work quite well. As for the swelling eyes etc. Marci would swell up from sand fly bites (tiny little bugs) After the initial bite and a paniced trip to the Dr. we kept an anithistomine of some sort in the house at all times. Keep up the good fight Cheryl ;o)

Songinthenight said...

Your gift for writing comes alive with this type of post. I love the creativity of your mosquito story!