Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Sick Little Boy - Update added

It is 7:35 a.m. I am watching the Bugs Bunny show with Jamie. We have been up for an hour now. He has a fever this morning, and has already had two bad episodes of the runs. No barfing yet, but he ate a tiny bowl of dry Rice Krispies this morning and had some water with some pedialyte in it. I am not terribly confident that he'll be able to keep it down, but we'll see. He requested "pancake waffles", and got so mad at me when I offered him water. He said, "No! Only pancake waffles!" I don't think he's doing very well, but it was about half an hour ago when he ate, so he's doing better than he did the other morning when the water only lasted ten minutes in his stomach. I tried to give him a teaspoon of Gravol, but he took one tiny sip and said, "No! Je yucky medicine," and he would not take any more at all. So much for that. I am alone here, as Mike is gone to a golf tournament an hour away, so I am the one who has to decide whether to take him to the hospital or not. I don't really want the decision resting entirely on my head.

Anyway, again I am very tired and don't want to write much more right now. Hopefully Jamie will keep his food and water in him. If he throws up, even once, I think we will be taking him to the hospital. I will have to call Mike to come home, but he is an hour (or just slightly more) away, so it could be a difficult time. If anything major happens today and I actually have a moment, I will post an update. Here's hoping I won't need to. Bye for now.


It is now 10:34 p.m. and I am exhausted. Today was day 14 of Jamie's illness and it has been a rocky road, but I am thankful to report that he has improved. He did not throw up today at all, and is now sleeping. We are hoping he will sleep all night as he did last night and the night before. He kept most of his food in him today, though he did not eat much. Just Rice Krispies and soda crackers and freezies. Oh, and then toast and a bowl of rice. He still has the runs, but it was better this evening than it has been in several days, so we are hopeful that this is the end of this terrible bug, or whatever it is. Last night was so horrible for us. We both were genuinely afraid that he might not pull through, but God is good and after much prayer we really feel this has lifted off of him and he is now just recovering. He even pulled a few stunts today like pouring a large portion of the Rice Krispies all over the table, and a whole sleeve of soda crackers. He also snuck off with different items that he was not supposed to have, so I knew the Jamie that we know was returning to us.

Micah is out of sorts tonight, and seems to be in some kind of pain, but I truly hope we can have a good sleep tonight. These last two weeks have been so draining and I had another migraine this evening. If all goes well and everyone is healthy tomorrow, Mike will do some more work on our fence in preparation for Sasha's arrival, which has not yet been scheduled. I am very tired and must sign off again now. Thank you to those of you who have been praying for Jamie and for us. Goodnight.


Songinthenight said...

I'm so sorry Cheryl...what a stressful time you've been going through. I am praying for you & Jamie. It sounds like you should go to the doctor again. Poor little guy. That's no fun at all. Thinking of you...

Christy said...

I'm so incredibly thankful to read your update Cheryl. Been wanting to phone and see how Jamie was doing, but not wanting to intrude either cause it's so stressful. So relieved to hear he's been able to keep food down and seems to be returning to his old self. Praying you and Mike can get some rest and recuperate now. At least it's only a week and half till summer holidays!