Friday, June 11, 2010

The Sick House.

Apparently I did such a fabulous job on my last mission that I have been assigned an extension. Yesterday, Jamie had a total of nine rounds of diarrhea and barely ate a thing. The little guy looks visibly skinnier. When we went to bed last night I asked Mike if he thought we should check on Jamie before we went to sleep. He agreed and went to do that while I was getting ready for bed. He was taking a long time, so I went to see what was going on. Jamie had woken up and puked all over the place. Seriously, when Mike picked up one of Jamie's stuffed animals it was so wet that a mini-waterfall of puke splattered off of it onto his mattress. It was nearly enough to make me hurl. I tried hard not to panic. Mike had Jamie stationed by the toilet in case he wasn't finished and was stripping everything off the crib for immediate laundering. I was panicking, but trying to appear calm. It took a while, but we got everything cleaned up and brought Jamie some water. He was so sweet and calmly went back to bed alongside the ice cream pail I placed in his crib. But I was in turmoil. This may sound ridiculous, but this is pretty much the only part of motherhood that I have always been terrified of. To make matters worse, prior to having children, the stomach flu was VERY rare in my house. I got sick one December in 1992, and I threw up. Then, after that, it did not happen again until January of 2005. I kid you not. That's twelve years and one month between barfs for me. After that, I barfed again this Christmas, so another five years later (minus one month). That's right, even through three pregnancies in four years I never barfed a single time. Now, this is the second round of barfing that this house has seen in just under six months. Mike assures me this is normal, but it's not my kind of normal. Does having kids mean you have to be prepared to throw up multiple times a year?? It better not be that way.

So far, other than feeling gross first thing this morning, I seem to be okay, but I refuse to eat. I'm so hungry, and I have a headache, but I don't even want to take anything for my head because I don't want anything in my stomach. I am determined to stand by this decision until I know for sure that we are in the clear.

The good news (which is totally unrelated) is that I did manage to get Cody to town last night to choose glasses for him. I don't feel like telling the whole story in here, but by the end of our glasses shopping, I felt really good about the whole thing. Unfortunately, I just found out that the manufacturer of the frames we chose has now discontinued those frames. Apparently they are going to call me later about this. I found out from Mike, who just dropped in there to pick up Cody's old glasses. I left them there to be temporarily repaired because Jamie broke the arm off again. I wanted him to at least have something to wear before his new glasses come. He has been without glasses for a week now and I feel bad for him. I don't know what I'm going to do about his frames. It took me a week to be able to get in there, and now I can't have what I chose. I'm kind of upset about this. We'll see what they say when they call me, I guess.

Anyway, I am tired so I think I'll sign off. I have no idea what to feed these kids for lunch. I don't want to feed them anything, but I suppose that is a bit mean. Seriously though, I don't know what to do with these boys. Even Micah has been spitting up lately, which has become a rare thing for him, so I have to wonder whether his tummy is off too...though he is still constipated, so he must not have this bug yet. I'm stressed. I have to go.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a lot in one weekend. I e mailed you before I checked your blog and I asked you how your weekend was, and know I know that "brave mom" are the best 2 ways to define it for me. Alothough they might have been all better by Saturday and Sunday I hope.

Yeah, unfortunately, puking and stomache bugs are very normal for young kids. Kids get sick a lot before they turn about 5 or 6 because their little immune systems are still fully developing. I pray for you though, that you will know that you are doing a wonderful job at helping them through thier sick time, and that it will be gone before you know it! It's hard when one gets the bug, they tend to share it. Having stomache sickness my whole life I did a whole mess load of barfing, but when my kids go through it, it hurts me so much to see them hurting. So, I hurt with you, and I hope by now the stress has passed along with the bug.
Love ya CAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet you already know all these tips but just thought I would throw them your way. When my kids have the bug I give them Pedyalite and the BRAT food list. Bannanas, Rice, Apples, and Toast. Usually the best thing that gets them to stop the diahreah is toast and rice. I go very slow on the liquids. If they get diaper rash I use Bordueax's Butt Paste and it heals the rash in 6 hours flat! I try to get them to lie down as much as possible and that is about it, I bet you have done all of this, just thougth I would throw it at you just in case any of it would help little cute Jamie.

ps- the reason I publish anonymous is because it never accepts my username for some reason, oh computers!