Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Micah's first birthday!

I can hardly believe my baby turned one yesterday. He's such a cute and sweet little guy and we just love him so much. It is bitter sweet to see him growing up. Each new stage is so delightful in its own way, but it is sad to say good bye to the baby years, especially when he may be our last baby. He had a nice day and though we never officially planned a party for him, three of his cousins ended up over for a good chunk of the day along with their parents of course, my dear sister-in-law and brother-in-law. (One set out of many! Hehe.) Though Micah napped for much of the "party", the rest of us had fun, particularly my sister-in-law and me. We gave Sasha a bath while the kids played and got her looking so clean and gorgeous! Silly me, but I have always loved bathing horses, and now that I finally have my own here I am delighted that she enjoyed her bath as much as I enjoyed giving it to her. She was so soft and silky when we were through. Here are a few pictures!

Yikes. Maybe I went a little overboard on the Sasha pictures there! I can't help myself. She just looked so nice and even though those are not all the greatest pictures, they show how nice her mane and tail got and how rich her color is, even if she is only classified as "brown", not even "bay"! 

As for little Micah, he was his usual lovable self and he enjoyed his cake immensely. He especially loved the little soccer ball his cousins gave him and he now walks around the house kicking it. He looks so much older than one when he does that! I don't have any pictures of that yet, but here are a couple of shots of my baby on his first birthday. And yes, I am aware that he really needs a hair cut! I always try to wait til they are one before really cutting their hair, just because it makes them look so much less baby-ish and it's kind of sad. Here is my sweet little pickle!

The second shot of him shows quite clearly why we affectionately refer to him as "The Beave". He is always sticking his teeth over his lip like that. He is truly a precious gift, as are all of our boys. We don't know what we'd do without them, despite how overwhelming it is sometimes. Even though I am a "desperate housemom", I do love my boys desperately too. I often vent in here, and share my struggles and at times discouragement, but I want to emphasize that I would do anything for my boys and I am extremely blessed to have all of them. 

So, on that note, I'm going to sign off. Oh, but not before sharing that tonight I rode Sasha again. I was only on her for about 40 minutes, but it was good and as usual, she did quite well. I am gradually building my confidence back up one ride at a time, seeing I am quite out of practice. I went onto the road, but barely at all. I am loving my horse. 

I'm off to relax for the very short remainder of the evening. Goodnight.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another week begins.

I suppose this is the beginning of a new week. I thought it was Saturday today, but I am clearly very disoriented. It has been that way since Mike got off work for the summer. I never seem to know what day it is. So. It is Monday. I am still kind of grouchy, and I have this sinking feeling I will be sent on a bunch of errands that I don't wish to do alone today. I guess I'll have to wait and see. We need more feed for Sasha, plus we need to buy a baby gift for a shower that one of us will probably go to tonight. It's one of those "everybody" showers, as opposed to just the women and kids. It does not start until 7 p.m., so at least one of us will have to be here with the boys. I'm guessing it will probably be me. If the boys actually slept, that wouldn't be such a bad thing seeing I have a bunch of homework to do this week and we have another very busy week coming up.

I have not had breakfast this morning. There really is nothing I want. Well, I did want one or two of the muffins I made yesterday, but this morning, Jamie fed all the ones that were left to the dog. Yes. Radar enjoyed about four blueberry muffins. So I will not be enjoying any. Right now, the boys are having a massive fight, punctuated by Jamie's screams, over what chair they will be sitting at for breakfast. Lovely.

This morning, Jamie was outside alone and I saw him out the back window trying to sneak into the horses' pasture right beside the round pen in the back. That's where the electric fence is. Jamie got zapped. More than once. I could not see that he cried the first time. In fact, he proceeded to duck underneath it and Mike had to run out there and get him out. He did not have trouble until he tried ducking back underneath. Then he was bawling, saying the bugs were biting him. At least we know the fence is not going to do any permanent damage. I kind of wish the whole thing was electric now. Maybe it would keep him out. Then again, that is doubtful.

Last night I rode Sasha for about an hour. It was good. We did some stuff in the yard like walk her over fence posts that we set up on the grass, and made her walk between a hockey net and a large ride-on tractor toy of the boys'. I even got her to walk across a tarp. For anyone who doesn't know much about horses, I can tell you that they do NOT like tarps. Tarps are a funny color, plus they make a lot of noise when you step on them. Sasha is only three, which makes it even more amazing how well she handles things like that. My sister Andrea set this all up, and was there coaching me through a bit of a lesson that whole time. When we were done, I rode Sasha all the way down our driveway to the road. Our driveway is very enclosed with trees, and in the evening (and the morning) it is dark in there. She was blowing air out her nostrils a bit, and her head was high and alert, but she gave me no trouble at all. She did not like the puddles that she saw, probably due to their reflective surfaces, but again, no trouble. The worse part of the whole thing was the swarm of mosquitos that attacked all the way down the driveway and back.

That is to say, that was the worst part about the driveway portion of my ride. The other worst part was when I took her up to that tarp. You'd think she would have balked, or shied away. She did not. She did not spook at all, though she was wary. She went forward and sniffed the tarp. We were making progress when I felt something weird on the top of my shoulder near my collar bone. It was like a bug bite or something. I brushed my hand over it, and it felt like my bra strap had been twisted and flipped back into place. I put my hand back on the reins, but then the darn thing flipped again. I wondered what was going on with that strap, but then there was a heck of a commotion inside my shirt. Panic ensued. Okay, not complete panic, but clearly there was something alive in my shirt, and my first thought was that it was a bee, because something kind of felt a bit like a sting. I grabbed the intruder through my shirt and loudly announced my predicament, with more than a hint of panic in my voice. My horse was standing in front of the most intimidating obstacle in the yard, and I wanted with all my being to drop both my reins and deal with my attacker. Did I mention that besides Andrea, both our husbands were watching this whole scene from the deck? I was still holding the struggling lump of t-shirt in one fist and I dared to put both reins down. With the other hand, I flipped that portion of my shirt inside out, through the neck hole, and just about lost it. It was not a bee. It was a grasshopper. I couldn't have imagined it being anything much worse than that. All the flipping around was actually him jumping up and down under my shirt. How the heck he got in there without me noticing is a mystery to me. His eyes looked like they widened just about as much as mine did when we looked at each other. I'm not sure what I said, but frantic words definitely escaped my mouth. I flicked him violently and aimlessly away from me. I think it is safe to say we both are permanently scarred from the encounter.

Anyway, I don't have much else to report for the moment and my laptop battery is going to die soon. Jamie is beside me, scratching his head with his foot as we listen to Jingle Bells, by his request. I thought by the end of July he'd be over this song, but no. It's a keeper. I better sign off so I can get ready for my day.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blah, blah, blah.

I wish I could say that my mood has vastly improved since my last post. It has improved, but not vastly. I was alone with the boys for a while yesterday while Mike went to town to get new tires put on our van. I was still not feeling well, and could barely get out of bed. Actually, I guess I was feeling gross in my last post too, and then much worse the next day and yesterday. Today I am much better. But, I was alone from first thing this morning until after 2 p.m., so I have been doing a lot of what I like to call "cheating", and letting the boys watch TV and play Wii. I know. Horrifying, isn't it? Well, let's just call it a survival that was absolutely necessary yesterday and today too.

Now I'm in the living room with Micah, my little pickle. We call him that sometimes. He just brought me a diaper. Hehe. I wonder if he is hinting at something? The other two boys are outside spraying the vehicles with the hose and Mike is in the round pen with Maybelline. I hope he is okay. He is putting a saddle on her. He will not be getting on, but he has never saddled her before, so I hope he's doing all right with it. Funny I'd be more concerned about that than about him jumping out of a plane. Hm. I was going to saddle up Sasha and ride her in the yard earlier, but that was the moment the boys chose to go barreling outside, so I decided I better leave it til later. Maybe when they are in bed? Sheesh. The timing around her is even more tricky than I expected. I'll figure something out, even if I can only ride for 15 minutes. If there is a nice wind this evening, I'm going to do it for sure. I can't wait forever. I'm slightly nervous, but not scared. Sasha is an amazing horse. She's very calm and she is not mean in any way, so I don't expect any trouble from her. Any horse can be unpredictable though, so anything is possible. I'm so out of practice. I used to ride so often and now I have only been on a horse twice in the last four years...maybe four times in the last five years. Oops. That does not count the two times I got on Sasha last week...or was that the week before? I can't remember.

Anyway, my posting on here right now is nothing but sheer procrastination. I have a lot of homework to do, and though it is not due til a week from tomorrow, Mike tells me he has homework due sooner than that, which translates to, "Mine is more important so I've got dibs on the homework time". (Roughly.) Often we have stuff due close together, so we have to negotiate on time slots in which we are allowed to be kid free. Hm. I shall refrain on commenting further on the kid-free concept. Maybe I should start working right now. I just don't want to. Denial, you see? Always a beautiful thing, until it expires. And it always expires. Well, for me it does anyway. I have never found a way to make it permanent.

I'm playing fetch with Micah right now. He brings me a ball, puts it on my lap, and waits for me to throw it. Then he grins and goes off to retrieve it again. Jamie used to play fetch too. I am not sure whether Cody did or not.

I forgot to mention that last night we had a rare and welcome opportunity to go out on a date. Our plan was to go see a movie...possibly Toy Story 3, or maybe Knight & Day...Either way, it does not matter because we did not go. I cancelled because I was feeling so shaky and weird. Now I am quite sad about the whole thing. When will another date opportunity ever come up? The last time we went on a date a blank here...Valentine's Day? Yes, we did go out then, but we had Micah along, so it doesn't completely count. Sigh. Oh well. Anybody seen the movie "Date Night"? That's kind of like my life. Sort-of. Except they go on really boring and predictable dates on a regular basis, whereas we don't go on any kind of dates at all. My dating career was impressively short. Mike and I dated for a whopping three months before we were engaged and we were married four months after that, so seven months of my life I went on regular dates...seeing I have never dated anyone else. It is our tenth anniversary this year. I wonder whether we'll make it out of the house. Haha. Time will tell.

Anyway, going to go check on the progress in the round pen. Hope everything is all right. I probably won't post tomorrow, but I'll try to do more next week. I'm off for now.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plummeting husbands and plummeting moods...

I don't remember the last time I was in such a terrible mood. I'm so angry and irrational. I am alone here for the day with the boys. Not just the day...the evening too, and possibly into the first part of the night...I'm not sure. I'm extremely impatient and upset, and just feeling down about this day in general.

Before Mike was even gone, I broke my toe. That was a good start to the day. Micah was up at 1:30 a.m. and by 2 a.m. I had not even fallen asleep at all yet for the night, so I am overtired, which is adding to my grouchiness. It's fortunate that it's my little toe that is the problem, but even still it hurts to wear shoes, so I don't much want to go outside, but I will need to later to feed the horses for the evening. Well, Sasha, that is. Maybelline does not need any extra food.

I just put the TV on to distract the boys and hopefully do something to improve my mood. I even feel slightly nauseated...possibly from being overtired combined with not having eaten lunch yet, and I'm guessing my incredibly cranky mood is making me feel even more sick. Micah is sleeping for the moment, but I dread the moment he wakes up because it means I'll have yet another needy boy that won't give me space. Today I need space.

My day could be worse, of course, and I'm hoping it won't get worse. Mike is jumping out of a plane today, after all. Hm. Yes, that's where he went. Skydiving. Oddly, I'm not sure that it's the concept of him skydiving that has me so upset right now. I think it's more the overwhelming sense of being left out. I'm not part of the group. That's how it feels. I know, I know. It's not rational, but he did not even invite me to go watch. Not that I could have. I'm sure it would have been very hard on these boys to drag them all the way there and then keep them in the van while we watch their father tumble from 11,000 feet up in the sky. I don't know. There is a part of me that wishes I were the one jumping out of the plane. I don't think I'd have the nerve to do it, but I wish I could. Maybe I just feel like everyone around me is living life, having adventures, and I am here, being a mom. Nothing wrong with being a mom, I know that. But right now it feels like that's all I am.

I know. I should stop wallowing and move on with my day. I honestly think I'm off my rocker today. I don't know why I'm so upset about all this. It's that whole abandonment thing, I think. Feeling left behind all the time. I just don't feel up to this today.

Don't worry, I'll be fine. So far today all that's gone wrong is me breaking my toe, Cody accidentally dropping a snake in the house, (okay, I threw that in for effect. He did catch it right away, after all.), Cody losing the same snake outside and being utterly devastated until I could come out and miraculously find it and catch it for him once again, Jamie smearing diaper cream all over his brand new Lightning McQueen bedspread...and that doesn't even list the fights the boys have had. I guess all in all it is a typical day here at home. Cheerios all over the floor, spending an hour trying to load the dishwasher because of multiple interruptions, getting poop smeared on the wall during a bad diaper change...Sigh.

Okay, I'll stop now. If I have to cheat a little and use the TV to help me out today, I will be doing so. I might try to update later. This is a negative post, but it's just a bad mood, nothing more. I better sign off before it gets worse!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The craziness never ends!!!

We certainly had an interesting day yesterday with our craziest maniac. No day ever goes by without some kind of Jamie incident, but yesterday was something of a doozy. First, he emptied a whole bag of chips first thing in the morning, before we were out of bed. He is very sneaky, and often gets up quietly and looks for trouble before we can even hear him. I was afraid he had eaten all those chips, because the bag was almost full, but Mike assured me that was not what happened. Sure, he ate a lot of them, but he distributed some of them in other places as well. For example, he put a bunch in the garbage. I suppose that's not entirely bad. They are junk food, for sure, and we only had them because they were left over from our party last weekend. Unfortunately, he also dumped some in the toilet. Oh joy. I did not have the honor of discovering that particular mess, and in truth, I forgot to ask Mike how he had dealt with it. I'm sure he just flushed it, but I'm not even going to ask. If that were the only incident of the day, it would be milder than it was.

He also climbed into Micah's crib first thing in the morning, and not only did he wake him up, he also consumed a bran muffin in the crib. I did not witness this event, but he left behind plenty of forensic evidence; more than enough to come to an accurate conclusion about what had gone down.

But Jamie did not stop there. Later in the day we smelled something sort of chemical-ish, but we could not determine what it was. At first, we thought Cody had used too much soap when he washed his hands, but it was not that. I went downstairs to check on Jamie, who was alone down there and awfully quiet. To be honest, I thought maybe he had fallen asleep down there because apparently earlier he had been playing on his crib mattress. (We moved Jamie into a bed last week. I don't remember whether I mentioned that or not.) I couldn't have been more wrong. I snuck up on him, and he was in the end bedroom, the furthest corner from the stairs, talking quietly. I snuck through where the closet will be, because there is no drywall on that small section yet. He was there, and so was Oreo, the rabbit. (Oreo has been living in the basement for the last week.) At first I thought it was kind of cute, as Jamie walked off with a purpose, clearly collecting more props for his little game. Well, I thought it was an innocent game, but really it was something that Disney Pixar could have used as a scary scene of some kind of animal torture in one of their movies. Actually, it really wasn't funny because I saw this aerosol can of something laying beside Oreo. It said "ALDO" on it. Hm. Hair spray? What was it?? OH! It was that weather-proofing spray that you use on your winter boots, and it smelled strong! I grabbed Oreo, and one whole side of his body was wet and emitting fumes that could not have been good for him. I thought of his poor innocent cousins out there somewhere, where adults purposely do things like this in order to test cosmetics and other human products. I was horrified. Jamie returned, having still not noticed me, and he was carrying sharp nails that he must have stolen from Mike's tool bench, and he was using them to poke holes in the fiberglass insolation packages. I could have screamed. I think I did something close to screaming.

I hauled Oreo upstairs and put him in the bathtub. Bathing a rabbit is something of a no-no, but I have done it several times over the years. The difference is, now he is old and blind in one eye, so he no longer struggles. Amazingly, he just sat there as I showered him with the detachable shower-head. He didn't seem to care at all. I had to shampoo him twice with baby shampoo, and then came the fun of blow-drying him. I had to cut some of his fur off too, and I cut his nails while I was at it. He's looking good now. I hope he is feeling well too. Poor bunny. I don't know how much longer he will last. He is nine years old, already, and rabbits only live 8 to 15 years. Mike will be happy. He doesn't like Oreo.

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today I went out to see the horses at around 9 a.m. and I am happy to report that Sasha's limp is much better than it was yesterday. I am desperately hoping she will be much better yet tomorrow and I may be able to ride her. We'll see. My sister and her family are coming over to see them and it would be fun if we could let the boys have a ride on her, but not sure whether that will happen or not. We'll see how she looks in the morning. If she were well today I'd be riding right now. It is nice and cloudy, and...actually, the wind appears to have died, so that's not ideal with all the bugs. This morning would have been beautiful though. Sigh. Hopefully soon.

So, I better go for now. Cody and Jamie are playing outside, which is good because they were driving us nuts all morning. Micah is in his high chair eating a cheese slice. I was feeding him baby food, but I got tired of having him spit it all over me. He likes the food, but he likes the fun of spewing it all over the place even better. So, I'm hoping Mike will take over in a few minutes. I'm off for now.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun with horses.

Apparently I completely overreacted about Sasha's leg injury. I knew it was not a deep cut, but when I saw either bone or tendon in there I kind of freaked out a bit. Well, the girl who sold her to us came out yesterday to work with Maybelline a bit for us, and she looked at Sasha. She laughed. She couldn't help it. She had brought a whole pile of vet supplies and was even prepared to inject her with antibiotics. I told her to chalk it up to something similar to "New Mom Syndrome", and we chuckled and moved on. Sasha's limp is still very pronounced from her original sore foot but it should get completely better. I'm told Sasha is a bit sucky about stuff like that. I feel better knowing she has no permanent damage, but I'll feel better still once she stops limping and I can ride her.

Maybelline got a workout for the second day in a row. She was worked for about two hours, and by the end she was saddled, but not ridden. She was not yet ready for that, but she did great for a five year old horse who has never once been trained for anything other than being halter broke. Now Andrea is on her way here to work Maybelline for a third consecutive day. It should be good.

Had a break there. Maybelline is done her work for the day and Andrea is already on her way home. Maybelline did well, but she has a cold. It seems like one thing after another around here!

I have a rare and wonderful quiet time because Micah is sleeping (I think he has a bit of a cold) and Mike just took the other two to town to buy more bottled water. We are off our water right now until we can have it tested. We want to make sure it's still safe despite all the flooding we've had.

Anyway, I'm going to do some writing seeing I have the opportunity. I'm off for now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Horse Woes (Or is that Whoas?)

Well, being a horse owner is definitely fun, but it has been a discouraging week. Sasha arrived at our place limping due to a bad trim on her hooves. We thought she'd improve in a few days, but a week later she was limping worse than ever. Her front, right hoof seems to be the main problem, and we are now putting moisturizer on all of her hooves daily (starting yesterday) as well as something on the sole of that bad hoof to harden it a bit and toughen it up. She was limping quite badly still this morning, and I am quite upset about it. She has been laying down several times a day, and that is not typical of a horse that is in good health, which she is otherwise. So I went outside about half an hour ago to hang out with her for a while and put her cream on her hooves but she was laying down again. I crouched in front of her and petted her face and neck for a long time. She was sweet and soaked up the attention but did not get up. I decided against putting the stuff on because I didn't want her to stand and it was too awkward to do it while she was laying down. I figured if she was resting her feet, that would probably benefit her more in the moment than the cream, so I left her be. After bonding with her for a while I took the stuff back to the shed and was going to go in the house, but I looked back and saw her legs up in the air, so I walked back over to check what she was doing. I guess she had tried to roll over, but she was close to the heavy metal gate by the back outside of the round pen. She got her leg stuck in the gate and panicked. I yelled for Mike and hurried to help her, fearing that she would break her leg. Instead, she lifted the whole gate off and then got free. She was shaky, and then limping even worse than before, which I thought was odd because her sore foot is her front one and she was holding it up, but it was her back legs that were by the gate. Then after Mike came out he put the stuff on her hooves since she was already standing and then I saw she was bleeding on her back left leg. It is on the lower part of her leg where it is not very fleshy, and honestly, it looks to me like it is scraped right to the bone. I started crying. She was not putting weight on either of those legs (the front right and the back left) and now I just don't even know what to do with her. Her owner (previous owner) is coming tomorrow to do some work with Maybelline, so I'll show her and tell her what happened, but I am so upset. My poor horse is feeling worse and worse, and I  don't know when in the future I'll even be able to ride her. I am really upset.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life with boys and horses.

I am sorry that I did not report yesterday. It was a busy day, and by the end of it I was too tired to update this blog, so I will do it this morning instead!

At somewhere around 8:45 a.m., Sasha's owner Christine called to say she was at the end of our lane. Her trailer was too long to make the tight turn into our driveway, so I told her I'd come down there. I did not take my camera, and I wish I had, but I wasn't sure how Sasha was going to handle the new situation so I didn't want to be carrying anything extra. I made the trek to the end of the lane and there she was. My beautiful horse was standing there under a canopy of trees with the morning sunlight trickling through. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I was literally moved to tears as I witnessed a dream come true before my very eyes.

Sasha was quiet and calm, and followed us all the way down our winding lane through the trees without a care in the world. She met the boys when we got into the yard and was unfazed by either them or the dog, who made his own grand appearance. She was so relaxed it was like she had lived her her entire life. It was amazing. She is sore though because the night before she came, her owner trimmed her hooves and he did them too short. She is limping and noticeably tender, so we will not be able to do anything with her for at least a few days. I did not get any amazing pictures of her coming in, but here are a few of her entrance.

Once we got Sasha settled in the round pen, which was a simple matter of opening the gate and releasing her in there, I embarked on the two plus hour journey to get Maybelline with Christine. Maybelline is two years older than Sasha, but she is less experienced at life so yesterday took a greater toll on her. She was quite upset to be in the trailer away from her buddies, and she is very vocal. She was not shy about announcing her predicament at the gas station when we stopped to refuel on the way home. It was pretty cute. We also stopped at a vet clinic on the way home and got worming paste for both horses and vaccinations for Maybelline, who had not been done yet this year. Christine vaccinated her in the trailer when we got to our driveway. We opened the trailer to bring Maybelline out and she was not anxious to leave it, now that it was safer than the great unknown facing her outside the door. We got her out and she was much more nervous than Sasha had been, but she didn't freak out at anything. She made the walk down our lane and into the yard, and she did spook a little bit at something, though I can't remember what. She was not too bothered by Radar, despite his efforts to intimidate her. We brought her over to the fence to meet Sasha. She was quite thrilled when she saw another horse, and called out to her. Like I said, she is quite vocal. Here are a few pictures of their meeting. Sasha did her best to establish dominance before Maybelline got in there with her, but in the end her attempts were futile. Maybelline is built like a tank and Sasha is quite thin, partly due to her young age and partly she may be more naturally thin. Either way, Maybelline didn't take long to take over the leadership role in their relationship! Here they are.

Already they appear to be friends and there have been no major fights. They each got in a couple of good kicks when they first met, but they are doing fine. Every time I look out there they are right beside each other, so I think they will be good friends. 

The boys are loving the horses, and especially Cody, who has been very enthusiastic about brushing them and expressing his gratitude that we bought them. He must be over Flash now. This morning, both boys went out to the pen and stood by the gate petting Maybelline, as she put her head down where they could reach her. Sasha came around a bit too, but was mostly busy munching hay while Maybelline was distracted. Haha. Here are a few more shots of each horse.

This is Maybelline. She's the one with the white blaze on her face.

Here is Sasha eating her pellets and supplement yesterday after supper.

So, that is the horse update for now. Things are going well, and we are very happy to have them here. 

I must sign off as I have a ton of cleaning to do today in preparation for a big weekend of company, but let me end with this story about being a mom to boys. Cody caught a frog today. He brought it in the house. I was eating breakfast, and while I am not really bothered by frogs, I didn't really want it in my face while I was eating. He brought it over and introduced it to me. It told him over and over again to take it outside. He finally was sitting by the shoes trying to get his shoes on while holding the frog and he did an absolutely classic move. In order to get his shoes on without losing the frog, he deposited it into my shoe. Yes. MY shoe. I was thrilled. Mike was laughing as I protested. What if he had left it there and I never found it? Yuck! Currently, the poor thing is in a yogurt container beside me in the living room. 

And speaking of yogurt, I found eight containers of yogurt sitting on the floor in front of the fridge, open, two with spoons sticking out this morning. Jamie. I also found a stick of pepperoni on the floor. Thankfully, it was still sealed. That is life with boys. I have to sign off now so I can get cleaning!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Waiting for tomorrow!

I got three hours of sleep last night, yet somehow I have a feeling I will do even worse tonight. I'm not trying to be negative. Last night, Micah was out of sorts, and we are not sure why. No matter. I did not sleep at all until after 3 a.m. and Jamie woke me up at 6 a.m., so I had a rotten night. Tonight I hope the boys do better, but here's the thing. My horse is arriving tomorrow, as is Mike's! I can hardly even believe it is really going to happen, but it is. I'm guessing they will be here early afternoon, likely by 1 p.m. if all goes well. How am I going to focus on anything at all before they get here? And after they get here I'll be even more of a write-off as far as getting anything accomplished goes. We have a lot of company this weekend, so I want to really deep clean the house, but today I was such a wreck from having so little sleep that I did not accomplish much at all. We did have a play date that I was hopelessly late for because Micah slept in until 10 a.m. due to his sleepless night. It was a miracle we made it to that, but we did and it was good.

Unfortunately, Cody developed a pretty bad attitude by the time we were leaving, and it continued through the rest of the day. I was disappointed because he has been very good for the last month or so, and today was like it used to be. Anyway, we made it through the day, and really it wasn't that bad. It was just me. I was in a terrible mood myself and felt ill from fatigue.

Here's a good quote for you though. Yesterday I was getting fed up with Cody begging me for freezies and other things, so when he asked for his third or fourth freezie I snapped at him. I said, (loudly), "I don't know, Cody! I just don't know! I'm really upset right now, and do you want to know WHY I'm upset right now? I'm upset because--" and then I stopped, realizing no good could come of finishing that sentence. Cody looked at me and said matter-of-factly, "That was called self-control." That kid is so amazing.

Right now Cricket is laying on her back on the floor cuddling with Micah. She just kicked him in the head with her back feet though, which did not impress me. Micah loves animals so much. He's so adorable. He even loves to pet horses, even though they are so massive compared to him. He will be so excited to get horses here. Now he is talking back and forth with Cricket, who is acting annoyed but soaking up the attention anyway.

Jamie is now at the window in the kitchen watching Mike run the tractor. I am agitated, but do not feel like dealing with it. He is supposed to be in bed. He was in bed, but when he heard the tractor start up it was all over. I have a feeling Cody may be sleeping already. I hope so. Jamie fell asleep spontaneously on the floor again today so I was unable to avoid his nap. It is unfortunate, as I am now paying the price for that.

I think I have now settled two out of three boys for the night. Micah is busy pulling toys out to play with. I am afraid to give him his last feeding of the night because I do not want a repeat of last night. Mike is out raking all the loose sticks out of the round pen and pulling out any leftover roots. I have just discovered I bought the wrong size of halter for Sasha, so I'm a bit upset because Maybelline's may be too small because she's a big horse, and now I got a size small for Sasha who needs a regular one. I thought they both said "Full" on the tag, but Sasha's says "Small". Grr. Now I will likely have to return both, but at the very least I will have to exchange Sasha's. What a pain!

I have to go now. I am very nervous and excited so I am just spitting out tiny paragraphs that mean very little. I will probably post again tomorrow.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jamie's sick again...and horse update.

I'm on the phone right now. More specifically, on hold with the doctor's office. Okay, I'm done for the moment. Jamie got sick again yesterday and we are now anxious for the results of his poop culture. I know that's gross, but that's what's going on with him right now. We are wondering if perhaps he is allergic to strawberries. He had a bit of a rough day yesterday and though today he seems okay physically, he is in that terrible snarly state that he gets in when he's sick, so I just don't know what to think. In the background I hear all kinds of crying and from what I can discern I would guess that he just hurt his baby brother, again. So, unpleasant times ahead for us today, I guess. For me, that is. Mike will be golfing all afternoon, and as usual, I selfishly hope it will rain because I have something I really need to do in town and I couldn't go this morning because I did not have enough time to make it there and back and get everything done before Mike needed to leave for his golfing.

And the plot thickens. I just spoke with someone at the lab who told me they have no requisition or even a record of anything for Jamie, so she is going to look into it and get back to me. What the heck is that supposed to mean? Does that mean we have to get another sample there and wait another three weeks for results? What if there's something in there that needs to be dealt with?? I'm really upset now.

Not that I'm in the mood to talk about this now, but I do want to give the horse update too. Our fence is almost complete and I just have to go to the store to buy a few more items such as a couple of halters and a few other things. That's what I wanted to do today, but was thwarted. I can't go later in the day because by the time Mike gets home it will be too late to get to town before the appropriate stores close. How frustrating!!! So I will have to do it tomorrow because guess what? We will be getting two horses delivered here on Wednesday! That's right, not only will we be buying Sasha, but Mike bought himself a horse on Saturday too, and she will be coming along with Sasha. I'm guessing they'll arrive some time Wednesday afternoon. I can hardly contain my excitement. The only downside is that I have to stop horse shopping now, and I have to say, I'm a little addicted so it will be hard. I will gradually wean myself off the horse classifieds, just like I had to wean myself from puppy shopping when we got Radar. I will try to divert my addiction towards saddle shopping for now. Hehe. At least it will give me something fun to do.

So, I should really sign off now because Mike is out there with all the boys and there is a lot of crying and whining going on. Hm. Then again, I get to deal with it for four or five hours by myself this afternoon, so perhaps I should not be too anxious to get in there. Either way, I must go for now. Hoping the lab will call back with good news about Jamie's situation. This has been such a drain on our emotions. I will try to post more regularly this week, and there is a very good chance I'll be posting pictures of our new girls on Wednesday when they arrive! Whoopeeee!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

So, it's July 1st, Canada Day, and though we have no fireworks planned, it is a good day. Well, there is a very whiny voice in the background begging relentlessly to watch TV, though I have answered him near about twenty-five times already today. He is starting to convulse and cry. Commence tantrum.

Anyway, other than that, the day has been positive. Jamie is doing very well, and we are more and more confident that he has made it through the terrible round of illness that struck him. I spent the morning finishing my homework, which was due today. Now that it's done, I feel more relaxed. Mike finished the round pen, mowed the lawn, and is now out on the tractor doing some more landscaping work. It's super hot outside, but our air conditioning is actually working today, so I'm feeling cool as a cucumber in my house. See what I mean? A good day. Maybe Mike and I will watch a movie tonight, or maybe we won't, but I'm thankful for all the work he has done to get ready for Sasha. We are so close to getting her. It's really amazing. We also might go look at another horse on Saturday, but I'm not sure yet whether that will work out.

So, I am in demand here and have to sign off, but just wanted to do a quick little update to say that all is well and everyone appears to be fairly healthy. We are very thankful for that. I will try to post again soon.