Monday, July 26, 2010

Another week begins.

I suppose this is the beginning of a new week. I thought it was Saturday today, but I am clearly very disoriented. It has been that way since Mike got off work for the summer. I never seem to know what day it is. So. It is Monday. I am still kind of grouchy, and I have this sinking feeling I will be sent on a bunch of errands that I don't wish to do alone today. I guess I'll have to wait and see. We need more feed for Sasha, plus we need to buy a baby gift for a shower that one of us will probably go to tonight. It's one of those "everybody" showers, as opposed to just the women and kids. It does not start until 7 p.m., so at least one of us will have to be here with the boys. I'm guessing it will probably be me. If the boys actually slept, that wouldn't be such a bad thing seeing I have a bunch of homework to do this week and we have another very busy week coming up.

I have not had breakfast this morning. There really is nothing I want. Well, I did want one or two of the muffins I made yesterday, but this morning, Jamie fed all the ones that were left to the dog. Yes. Radar enjoyed about four blueberry muffins. So I will not be enjoying any. Right now, the boys are having a massive fight, punctuated by Jamie's screams, over what chair they will be sitting at for breakfast. Lovely.

This morning, Jamie was outside alone and I saw him out the back window trying to sneak into the horses' pasture right beside the round pen in the back. That's where the electric fence is. Jamie got zapped. More than once. I could not see that he cried the first time. In fact, he proceeded to duck underneath it and Mike had to run out there and get him out. He did not have trouble until he tried ducking back underneath. Then he was bawling, saying the bugs were biting him. At least we know the fence is not going to do any permanent damage. I kind of wish the whole thing was electric now. Maybe it would keep him out. Then again, that is doubtful.

Last night I rode Sasha for about an hour. It was good. We did some stuff in the yard like walk her over fence posts that we set up on the grass, and made her walk between a hockey net and a large ride-on tractor toy of the boys'. I even got her to walk across a tarp. For anyone who doesn't know much about horses, I can tell you that they do NOT like tarps. Tarps are a funny color, plus they make a lot of noise when you step on them. Sasha is only three, which makes it even more amazing how well she handles things like that. My sister Andrea set this all up, and was there coaching me through a bit of a lesson that whole time. When we were done, I rode Sasha all the way down our driveway to the road. Our driveway is very enclosed with trees, and in the evening (and the morning) it is dark in there. She was blowing air out her nostrils a bit, and her head was high and alert, but she gave me no trouble at all. She did not like the puddles that she saw, probably due to their reflective surfaces, but again, no trouble. The worse part of the whole thing was the swarm of mosquitos that attacked all the way down the driveway and back.

That is to say, that was the worst part about the driveway portion of my ride. The other worst part was when I took her up to that tarp. You'd think she would have balked, or shied away. She did not. She did not spook at all, though she was wary. She went forward and sniffed the tarp. We were making progress when I felt something weird on the top of my shoulder near my collar bone. It was like a bug bite or something. I brushed my hand over it, and it felt like my bra strap had been twisted and flipped back into place. I put my hand back on the reins, but then the darn thing flipped again. I wondered what was going on with that strap, but then there was a heck of a commotion inside my shirt. Panic ensued. Okay, not complete panic, but clearly there was something alive in my shirt, and my first thought was that it was a bee, because something kind of felt a bit like a sting. I grabbed the intruder through my shirt and loudly announced my predicament, with more than a hint of panic in my voice. My horse was standing in front of the most intimidating obstacle in the yard, and I wanted with all my being to drop both my reins and deal with my attacker. Did I mention that besides Andrea, both our husbands were watching this whole scene from the deck? I was still holding the struggling lump of t-shirt in one fist and I dared to put both reins down. With the other hand, I flipped that portion of my shirt inside out, through the neck hole, and just about lost it. It was not a bee. It was a grasshopper. I couldn't have imagined it being anything much worse than that. All the flipping around was actually him jumping up and down under my shirt. How the heck he got in there without me noticing is a mystery to me. His eyes looked like they widened just about as much as mine did when we looked at each other. I'm not sure what I said, but frantic words definitely escaped my mouth. I flicked him violently and aimlessly away from me. I think it is safe to say we both are permanently scarred from the encounter.

Anyway, I don't have much else to report for the moment and my laptop battery is going to die soon. Jamie is beside me, scratching his head with his foot as we listen to Jingle Bells, by his request. I thought by the end of July he'd be over this song, but no. It's a keeper. I better sign off so I can get ready for my day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I sure love your little Jamie! It would be kinda funny if your horse pooped out a blueberry muffin shapped poo. But sorry that you didn't get to have any, I love blueberry muffins.

Wow, the track you made for your horse sounds awesome. It really sounds as though Sasha is a huge blessing to your life. It is amazing what a big beautiful horse can give the human spirit, lots of love.

My friend Chae gave me a book called True Horesmanship Through Feel, and I look forward to reading it since right now I have no horses to ride, I can just read about them and enjoy your stories about Sasha.

Sorry about that grasshopper, sounds like when I once got one stuck in my bathing suit at the ranch, it feels so weird. Your husband used to eat grasshoppers at the ranch to entertain the campers,(what a trooper) I hear they are good protien. I think I might have tried it once but they feel disgusting going down the throat.

Well, love ya and have a great day!