Saturday, July 17, 2010

The craziness never ends!!!

We certainly had an interesting day yesterday with our craziest maniac. No day ever goes by without some kind of Jamie incident, but yesterday was something of a doozy. First, he emptied a whole bag of chips first thing in the morning, before we were out of bed. He is very sneaky, and often gets up quietly and looks for trouble before we can even hear him. I was afraid he had eaten all those chips, because the bag was almost full, but Mike assured me that was not what happened. Sure, he ate a lot of them, but he distributed some of them in other places as well. For example, he put a bunch in the garbage. I suppose that's not entirely bad. They are junk food, for sure, and we only had them because they were left over from our party last weekend. Unfortunately, he also dumped some in the toilet. Oh joy. I did not have the honor of discovering that particular mess, and in truth, I forgot to ask Mike how he had dealt with it. I'm sure he just flushed it, but I'm not even going to ask. If that were the only incident of the day, it would be milder than it was.

He also climbed into Micah's crib first thing in the morning, and not only did he wake him up, he also consumed a bran muffin in the crib. I did not witness this event, but he left behind plenty of forensic evidence; more than enough to come to an accurate conclusion about what had gone down.

But Jamie did not stop there. Later in the day we smelled something sort of chemical-ish, but we could not determine what it was. At first, we thought Cody had used too much soap when he washed his hands, but it was not that. I went downstairs to check on Jamie, who was alone down there and awfully quiet. To be honest, I thought maybe he had fallen asleep down there because apparently earlier he had been playing on his crib mattress. (We moved Jamie into a bed last week. I don't remember whether I mentioned that or not.) I couldn't have been more wrong. I snuck up on him, and he was in the end bedroom, the furthest corner from the stairs, talking quietly. I snuck through where the closet will be, because there is no drywall on that small section yet. He was there, and so was Oreo, the rabbit. (Oreo has been living in the basement for the last week.) At first I thought it was kind of cute, as Jamie walked off with a purpose, clearly collecting more props for his little game. Well, I thought it was an innocent game, but really it was something that Disney Pixar could have used as a scary scene of some kind of animal torture in one of their movies. Actually, it really wasn't funny because I saw this aerosol can of something laying beside Oreo. It said "ALDO" on it. Hm. Hair spray? What was it?? OH! It was that weather-proofing spray that you use on your winter boots, and it smelled strong! I grabbed Oreo, and one whole side of his body was wet and emitting fumes that could not have been good for him. I thought of his poor innocent cousins out there somewhere, where adults purposely do things like this in order to test cosmetics and other human products. I was horrified. Jamie returned, having still not noticed me, and he was carrying sharp nails that he must have stolen from Mike's tool bench, and he was using them to poke holes in the fiberglass insolation packages. I could have screamed. I think I did something close to screaming.

I hauled Oreo upstairs and put him in the bathtub. Bathing a rabbit is something of a no-no, but I have done it several times over the years. The difference is, now he is old and blind in one eye, so he no longer struggles. Amazingly, he just sat there as I showered him with the detachable shower-head. He didn't seem to care at all. I had to shampoo him twice with baby shampoo, and then came the fun of blow-drying him. I had to cut some of his fur off too, and I cut his nails while I was at it. He's looking good now. I hope he is feeling well too. Poor bunny. I don't know how much longer he will last. He is nine years old, already, and rabbits only live 8 to 15 years. Mike will be happy. He doesn't like Oreo.

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today I went out to see the horses at around 9 a.m. and I am happy to report that Sasha's limp is much better than it was yesterday. I am desperately hoping she will be much better yet tomorrow and I may be able to ride her. We'll see. My sister and her family are coming over to see them and it would be fun if we could let the boys have a ride on her, but not sure whether that will happen or not. We'll see how she looks in the morning. If she were well today I'd be riding right now. It is nice and cloudy, and...actually, the wind appears to have died, so that's not ideal with all the bugs. This morning would have been beautiful though. Sigh. Hopefully soon.

So, I better go for now. Cody and Jamie are playing outside, which is good because they were driving us nuts all morning. Micah is in his high chair eating a cheese slice. I was feeding him baby food, but I got tired of having him spit it all over me. He likes the food, but he likes the fun of spewing it all over the place even better. So, I'm hoping Mike will take over in a few minutes. I'm off for now.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, what an adventourous life you live. Now that I have met adorable Jamie, I can just picture him doing all these funny little things and it makes reading your blog even that much more fun.

I hope today is a good day for you. I was so happy to visit you, but it does make me miss you more and so there are now only 360 days till I will come to Winnipeg again.

Sasha is beautiful and so full of love and tender heartedness.

Can't wait to see pics of you riding her.