Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Horse Woes (Or is that Whoas?)

Well, being a horse owner is definitely fun, but it has been a discouraging week. Sasha arrived at our place limping due to a bad trim on her hooves. We thought she'd improve in a few days, but a week later she was limping worse than ever. Her front, right hoof seems to be the main problem, and we are now putting moisturizer on all of her hooves daily (starting yesterday) as well as something on the sole of that bad hoof to harden it a bit and toughen it up. She was limping quite badly still this morning, and I am quite upset about it. She has been laying down several times a day, and that is not typical of a horse that is in good health, which she is otherwise. So I went outside about half an hour ago to hang out with her for a while and put her cream on her hooves but she was laying down again. I crouched in front of her and petted her face and neck for a long time. She was sweet and soaked up the attention but did not get up. I decided against putting the stuff on because I didn't want her to stand and it was too awkward to do it while she was laying down. I figured if she was resting her feet, that would probably benefit her more in the moment than the cream, so I left her be. After bonding with her for a while I took the stuff back to the shed and was going to go in the house, but I looked back and saw her legs up in the air, so I walked back over to check what she was doing. I guess she had tried to roll over, but she was close to the heavy metal gate by the back outside of the round pen. She got her leg stuck in the gate and panicked. I yelled for Mike and hurried to help her, fearing that she would break her leg. Instead, she lifted the whole gate off and then got free. She was shaky, and then limping even worse than before, which I thought was odd because her sore foot is her front one and she was holding it up, but it was her back legs that were by the gate. Then after Mike came out he put the stuff on her hooves since she was already standing and then I saw she was bleeding on her back left leg. It is on the lower part of her leg where it is not very fleshy, and honestly, it looks to me like it is scraped right to the bone. I started crying. She was not putting weight on either of those legs (the front right and the back left) and now I just don't even know what to do with her. Her owner (previous owner) is coming tomorrow to do some work with Maybelline, so I'll show her and tell her what happened, but I am so upset. My poor horse is feeling worse and worse, and I  don't know when in the future I'll even be able to ride her. I am really upset.

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