Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life with boys and horses.

I am sorry that I did not report yesterday. It was a busy day, and by the end of it I was too tired to update this blog, so I will do it this morning instead!

At somewhere around 8:45 a.m., Sasha's owner Christine called to say she was at the end of our lane. Her trailer was too long to make the tight turn into our driveway, so I told her I'd come down there. I did not take my camera, and I wish I had, but I wasn't sure how Sasha was going to handle the new situation so I didn't want to be carrying anything extra. I made the trek to the end of the lane and there she was. My beautiful horse was standing there under a canopy of trees with the morning sunlight trickling through. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I was literally moved to tears as I witnessed a dream come true before my very eyes.

Sasha was quiet and calm, and followed us all the way down our winding lane through the trees without a care in the world. She met the boys when we got into the yard and was unfazed by either them or the dog, who made his own grand appearance. She was so relaxed it was like she had lived her her entire life. It was amazing. She is sore though because the night before she came, her owner trimmed her hooves and he did them too short. She is limping and noticeably tender, so we will not be able to do anything with her for at least a few days. I did not get any amazing pictures of her coming in, but here are a few of her entrance.

Once we got Sasha settled in the round pen, which was a simple matter of opening the gate and releasing her in there, I embarked on the two plus hour journey to get Maybelline with Christine. Maybelline is two years older than Sasha, but she is less experienced at life so yesterday took a greater toll on her. She was quite upset to be in the trailer away from her buddies, and she is very vocal. She was not shy about announcing her predicament at the gas station when we stopped to refuel on the way home. It was pretty cute. We also stopped at a vet clinic on the way home and got worming paste for both horses and vaccinations for Maybelline, who had not been done yet this year. Christine vaccinated her in the trailer when we got to our driveway. We opened the trailer to bring Maybelline out and she was not anxious to leave it, now that it was safer than the great unknown facing her outside the door. We got her out and she was much more nervous than Sasha had been, but she didn't freak out at anything. She made the walk down our lane and into the yard, and she did spook a little bit at something, though I can't remember what. She was not too bothered by Radar, despite his efforts to intimidate her. We brought her over to the fence to meet Sasha. She was quite thrilled when she saw another horse, and called out to her. Like I said, she is quite vocal. Here are a few pictures of their meeting. Sasha did her best to establish dominance before Maybelline got in there with her, but in the end her attempts were futile. Maybelline is built like a tank and Sasha is quite thin, partly due to her young age and partly she may be more naturally thin. Either way, Maybelline didn't take long to take over the leadership role in their relationship! Here they are.

Already they appear to be friends and there have been no major fights. They each got in a couple of good kicks when they first met, but they are doing fine. Every time I look out there they are right beside each other, so I think they will be good friends. 

The boys are loving the horses, and especially Cody, who has been very enthusiastic about brushing them and expressing his gratitude that we bought them. He must be over Flash now. This morning, both boys went out to the pen and stood by the gate petting Maybelline, as she put her head down where they could reach her. Sasha came around a bit too, but was mostly busy munching hay while Maybelline was distracted. Haha. Here are a few more shots of each horse.

This is Maybelline. She's the one with the white blaze on her face.

Here is Sasha eating her pellets and supplement yesterday after supper.

So, that is the horse update for now. Things are going well, and we are very happy to have them here. 

I must sign off as I have a ton of cleaning to do today in preparation for a big weekend of company, but let me end with this story about being a mom to boys. Cody caught a frog today. He brought it in the house. I was eating breakfast, and while I am not really bothered by frogs, I didn't really want it in my face while I was eating. He brought it over and introduced it to me. It told him over and over again to take it outside. He finally was sitting by the shoes trying to get his shoes on while holding the frog and he did an absolutely classic move. In order to get his shoes on without losing the frog, he deposited it into my shoe. Yes. MY shoe. I was thrilled. Mike was laughing as I protested. What if he had left it there and I never found it? Yuck! Currently, the poor thing is in a yogurt container beside me in the living room. 

And speaking of yogurt, I found eight containers of yogurt sitting on the floor in front of the fridge, open, two with spoons sticking out this morning. Jamie. I also found a stick of pepperoni on the floor. Thankfully, it was still sealed. That is life with boys. I have to sign off now so I can get cleaning!

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