Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Waiting for tomorrow!

I got three hours of sleep last night, yet somehow I have a feeling I will do even worse tonight. I'm not trying to be negative. Last night, Micah was out of sorts, and we are not sure why. No matter. I did not sleep at all until after 3 a.m. and Jamie woke me up at 6 a.m., so I had a rotten night. Tonight I hope the boys do better, but here's the thing. My horse is arriving tomorrow, as is Mike's! I can hardly even believe it is really going to happen, but it is. I'm guessing they will be here early afternoon, likely by 1 p.m. if all goes well. How am I going to focus on anything at all before they get here? And after they get here I'll be even more of a write-off as far as getting anything accomplished goes. We have a lot of company this weekend, so I want to really deep clean the house, but today I was such a wreck from having so little sleep that I did not accomplish much at all. We did have a play date that I was hopelessly late for because Micah slept in until 10 a.m. due to his sleepless night. It was a miracle we made it to that, but we did and it was good.

Unfortunately, Cody developed a pretty bad attitude by the time we were leaving, and it continued through the rest of the day. I was disappointed because he has been very good for the last month or so, and today was like it used to be. Anyway, we made it through the day, and really it wasn't that bad. It was just me. I was in a terrible mood myself and felt ill from fatigue.

Here's a good quote for you though. Yesterday I was getting fed up with Cody begging me for freezies and other things, so when he asked for his third or fourth freezie I snapped at him. I said, (loudly), "I don't know, Cody! I just don't know! I'm really upset right now, and do you want to know WHY I'm upset right now? I'm upset because--" and then I stopped, realizing no good could come of finishing that sentence. Cody looked at me and said matter-of-factly, "That was called self-control." That kid is so amazing.

Right now Cricket is laying on her back on the floor cuddling with Micah. She just kicked him in the head with her back feet though, which did not impress me. Micah loves animals so much. He's so adorable. He even loves to pet horses, even though they are so massive compared to him. He will be so excited to get horses here. Now he is talking back and forth with Cricket, who is acting annoyed but soaking up the attention anyway.

Jamie is now at the window in the kitchen watching Mike run the tractor. I am agitated, but do not feel like dealing with it. He is supposed to be in bed. He was in bed, but when he heard the tractor start up it was all over. I have a feeling Cody may be sleeping already. I hope so. Jamie fell asleep spontaneously on the floor again today so I was unable to avoid his nap. It is unfortunate, as I am now paying the price for that.

I think I have now settled two out of three boys for the night. Micah is busy pulling toys out to play with. I am afraid to give him his last feeding of the night because I do not want a repeat of last night. Mike is out raking all the loose sticks out of the round pen and pulling out any leftover roots. I have just discovered I bought the wrong size of halter for Sasha, so I'm a bit upset because Maybelline's may be too small because she's a big horse, and now I got a size small for Sasha who needs a regular one. I thought they both said "Full" on the tag, but Sasha's says "Small". Grr. Now I will likely have to return both, but at the very least I will have to exchange Sasha's. What a pain!

I have to go now. I am very nervous and excited so I am just spitting out tiny paragraphs that mean very little. I will probably post again tomorrow.

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