Friday, August 27, 2010

Boys and lizards.

Well, my boys caught a salamander today. Correction: my boys cornered a salamander and I caught it. Before anyone jumps all over this, yes, I know, salamanders are not actually lizards. They are amphibians, whereas lizards are reptiles. So, it was like handling a very long, squishy frog with a big head and a long tail. Truly, it was gross. I am a wimp about bugs, but I am not afraid to pick up snakes, so this is not just me being a "girly girl". No, it really felt gross. Slimy and squishy, plus it peed all over me. Ew. I used my left hand only, of course, because of my cast, but still I washed my hand and my fingers of my other hand three times in hot water with soap, and I still feel a little creeped out. Apparently they can carry salmonella, so I have now made the boys wash thoroughly as well, but Jamie has ventured back out, promising he will not touch it. Yeah right. A two-year-old's promise is as reliable as a snowmobile. (Haha. My analogy. It comes from always seeing them in the ditch with their hoods up and their riders standing by looking bewildered.) Cody tells me that the little critter got away and Jamie does not have it. That is a relief to me. Here are a few pics of the little guy. Cody named him Picklelarry (like Pickle-Larry, only I don't think he meant it like that), so I told him to call it Pickle for short. I don't think he did though.

I have never seen a salamander in our yard before, but we do get snails a lot, which is weird seeing we have no ditches full of water, no dugout nearby, and rarely even a puddle in our sandy soil. So, there are my little munchkins with their catch. 

Micah just went down for a nap, but he did not go down without a fight. Lately he is terribly grouchy and it is hard to please him. He popped a tooth last week, and I really think the one on the other side of his two front bottom teeth is lurking below the surface of his gums, but I cannot see anything. We just gave him a dose of Tylenol. He felt a little warm and is acting like he is in pain. I am not normally one to medicate frequently, but recently I have been feeling like it is necessary. Today is the first time we have done that in several days, and prior to that, months, so no worries about us over-medicating. I do hope it helps though. I need him to sleep this afternoon seeing his nap this morning was pathetic and Mike will be leaving me home alone this afternoon for an errand and then to go help his brother with some baling. I don't know how long he will be gone, but I am nervous about being alone with all three boys. Nobody has pooped today, so likely that will all happen when it is just me here, and dumb as this is, it really is difficult to deal with diapers while wearing a cast that can't get wet or dirty. (Well, I don't want bacteria on it because I can't clean it. Ew.)

Anyway, it sounds to me like Micah is now talking in there as opposed to sleeping, which does not thrill me one bit. What should I do with him? I will give him a bit of time in there and continue working on my homework for now, I guess. Nothing else to report today.

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