Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busted Air Conditioner

All right, I know some people live in hotter climates than the one I'm in, but I do not handle heat very well. Maybe it's because my hormones have been so messed up the last five years with all these pregnancies, but really I have always liked cool temperatures better than hot. Since we built this place four years ago, our central air has never worked properly. Not ever. There are days when it keeps up, and there are more days when it can't handle cooling our house, and this week has been full of those days. Last night was particularly torturous for me when we had to open all the windows in spite of the 96% humidity outside because it was cooler out there than in our house. We needn't have bothered. The wind died completely and no air was coming in. I had two fans blowing on me all night. Now, the air conditioning has quit again after doing better this morning. Grrr. Did I mention that I get extremely grouchy when I am hot? The thing is, I understand that there are people out there without air conditioning and it must be terrible for them, so I should be thankful, right? Here's the part that makes me especially upset. We paid for air conditioning. This is a brand new house. So, if one of my extremely non-negotiable factors in having a house is that I MUST have air conditioning, and we installed it, I find this completely unacceptable. Even worse is the fact that every year I have begged to have this dealt with, and every summer we scrape through to the end, sweating it out in here on more days than not. How long will we go without fixing this?? I know we have been busy with other things, but I honestly find this unbearable. Maybe I'm a wimp. I don't really care whether I am or not. Either way, I am tired of not being able to have this house at a decent temperature. I know it is not just me because Cody and Jamie have been complaining about their room being hot, and even Micah gets really sweaty in the house. I don't like cooking as it is. The heat makes it worse. I don't want to cuddle any of the boys. I will not let them sit on my lap for stories, or for anything else for that matter. I am so tired of this.

On the up side, we finally ordered blinds for the living room and that should help. They will block the sun from our biggest window, which faces east, and that will make a big difference in keeping some of the heat out of this place. The dumb thing is that we probably won't get them until mid-August, and by then the temperatures will very likely be a little more moderate than they are right now.

Anyway, sorry for the big vent. I'm just really grouchy about the heat in here and I'm desperate for an air conditioner that will keep this house cooler. Before we lived here I used to keep our place at around 18 degrees celsius because I was always working out in there and I got so hot otherwise. The air conditioner never failed. Never. Now, I can't even keep it at 22.5 in here, and even though I would never keep my house as cold as I used to now that I have kids around, I wish I didn't feel so gross in here. And now I think Mike is annoyed at me for being upset about it. I'm sorry. I can't help it. To me, there is nothing worse than being hot because you can't do anything about it. At least when you're cold you can put on warmer clothing.

I have to stop. I'm getting more and more upset about this. I have nothing else to say right now. Maybe I'll go work on my homework or something. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, but I'll be on my own with the boys so we'll see I guess.


Songinthenight said...

Maybe it would make you feel better to know our thermometer says our place is between 26 & 28 degrees right now!!! It doesn't feel that hot but maybe I've just gotten used to it or it's only in this one room where all our hot computer stuff is. It doesn't bother me except when it's humid. Our air conditioner only works to cool our place when it's on. Once it's off, it heats up in here! I think there's something though about having more bodies present in a home that makes the heat seem hotter!!! Maybe the heat is bothering you because you're pregnant again!!! It's about that time! Hang in there! :)

CAT said...

Haha, very funny. I'm definitely not pregnant. I seem to have always been really bothered by heat, though it IS worse since I had kids. I would not be able to stand being in your place when it is that hot in there. We just bought a huge powerful fan that we have at the bottom of the stairs to blow the air upstairs and we bought two more small ones to put in the boys' rooms. We also completely blocked our living room windows with sheets and a massive cardboard box, and it really seemed to help. I am in a much better mood this evening with it feeling so decent in here! Well, I should say it feels good in here. You know me, I'd love it if it were cold in here, but it is more than bearable now and that makes me infinitely more pleasant to be around. Sad, I know. I actually thought of your place when I wrote that post. Being on a higher floor would make it hotter too. Sorry to complain so much! I don't have much of a filter in this blog for some reason! I guess it's better than the other blog though.

Anonymous said...

Actually I really do have compassion on you because I too hate feeling over heated. I live in 100 degree F weather here in Georgia and I believe that it's not how hot the temp is, but just knowing that the air conditioner could be cooling off your house but it isn't would really bug me. Your post made me not take advantage of my air conditioner.

I love u Cheryl!