Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fell off my horse.

This will be a short post because I can't type very well. I took Sasha on her first trail ride yesterday. It did not go well. Close to a mile away from home (or maybe a bit less, but felt like it) we turned off the road onto a trail in the bush. I think she was nervous because she broke into a fast trot. I slowed her to a walk, but then turned up a fairly steep hill. Not sure why but she started to buck, harder and harder until I flew off and landed on my chest and both arms. She continued to buck and ran away to the road out of sight. I couldn't breathe. My shoe was off. My wrists hurt so bad. So did my right ankle. I slid down the hill to my shoe and got it on with minimal use of my hands. I waited until my ankle felt usable and then stood and limped down the hill. I found Sasha standing in the ditch down the road. I caught her and led her home. I rolled my sore ankle in the ditch and after that it was very difficult to walk. I could not get back on because I could not grip with my hands.

Skipping a few details, went to emergency last night. Fractured right wrist and in a half cast. Other wrist either sprained or possibly fractured as well...waiting fo radiologist report to determine. Right ankle badly sprained but not broken. Hehe, left foot already had broken toe. So won't be typing much or anything else for a while. Gotta sore. Discouraged.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon my sweet friend.

Love ya!

CAT said...

Thanks for your comments and emails everyone. Dave, I did not publish yours because your email address was in it. I have ice on my ankle, which is pretty swollen. How did you break your ankle?