Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm broken.

Well, now I'm two for three. My right wrist and my right ankle both have confirmed fractures in them. I will find out for sure about my left wrist next Tuesday. I am not doing much of anything, and struggling with guilt and at times, depression. Let's not forget boredom. I feel sad when I look out the window at Sasha and don't get the same rush of excitement I would have a week ago. I am certain I will get past this, but I don't like how it feels right now. I'm trying to think of some kind of outing for myself but I can't drive, so my options are limited.

Micah just put a tumbler of water (with a lid) inside of Mike's cowboy boot. Hehe. Silly. Mike is outside with Cody & Jamie feeding the horses, even though the boys are still in their pajamas. In fact, Mike is the only one wearing his daytime clothes so far. Yikes. For the moment, I am stuck in my recliner because I am unable to pull the lever to lower the footrest to let myself out, so I will have to wait until someone comes in to rescue me. I think I will call my grandma. I am getting sore from typing now anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I just wrote you an e mail, but I want to say here that you are such a lovable person and I ache with you during this time your body heals. I am with you girl!!

And I pray that you will be able to go on a outing that will suit your hurting ankle and wrist. Hang in there girl, a rainbow is just around the corner.