Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New cast.

Today I learned something about casts. Well, I have never known much about them, and the one I got on August 4th in the emergency department at the hospital was something called a back slab, which is only hard on one side and then wrapped with a lot of gauze like material, almost more like a tight splint of sorts. Today the doctor cut that one off and x-rayed my wrists again. First, it turns out there is no fracture on the left one, which means I will not have to experience both arms in casts at once. That is a relief. My ankle, though fractured, is more like a sprain because of where the fracture occurred. It is doing really well, so I don't have to do anything special with it. But my right arm was re-cast today, and the new cast is fiberglass.   I guess this is different than the plaster kind, and I don't know whether they still do those or not. This was put on similarly to the other one, except after the thin sleeve thingy, he wrapped my arm in this cotton stuff that looked like what you'd put inside a stuffed animal. Then he took these wet rolls of stuff that were about two inches wide and with an almost mesh-like texture. Almost like the ribbing on a sweatshirt, I guess, or like a shreddie. Only white. So, he wrapped it around and around my forearm and hand and then smoothed it out and pressed the hand part into the shape he wanted. I assumed there would be another smooth layer on top, but nope. That's it. Then, it hardened as it dried, and here is the coolest part. It sounded like Rice Krispies. I mean, I could hear the snap, crackle, pop as it dried. It was quieter than Rice Krispies, but the same effect. I wished I could have shown the boys, but it was already done by the time we got back and picked them up.

The bad news about my new cast? It is much harder to type in it than in the other one. Also, there was an open blister-like spot under it that was either poison ivy or irritation from the other cast. He put some cream or ointment on it and put a band aid on and covered it with the cast. I hope it will not get too itchy. I definitely have poison ivy on my left arm, all around my elbow, and the other spots on my body are undetermined as to whether it is poison ivy or bites. I think at least one other patch is poison ivy.

I was really discouraged when I got home today for some reason, but I had a little nap and I am doing all right now. I would like to go for a walk, but I don't think it is going to happen. I wish it were easier to type as I have some stuff I would like to write about, plus I want to get a jump start on this next homework assignment. However, having the cast off for that brief time today was confirmation of how much I need it on. My arm felt very vulnerable and it was very sore without that support, so I am glad to have it protected. It will be a full two weeks before I see the doctor again for follow up. Hopefully I am not going crazy by then.

I better sign off. This is very tiring. I should mention that Cody is possibly going to something called Vacation Bible School tomorrow morning without me or Mike. I am very nervous about it, but I want him to try it out in preparation for preschool in the fall. I mean, the concept of him going somewhere without us. His auntie will be taking him, along with two of his cousins. I hope to have a good report about that tomorrow. It is only two hours, and it is only twenty minutes away, so he will only be gone about three hours. Why am I so nervous about it? He is four years old and has never done anything like this before.

Maybe this is too much information, but seeing this blog is about motherhood, I might as well mention that I am in the final stages of weaning Micah. I know this is hard to understand for anyone who has not been there, but it is an emotional time for me. Part of it is that as it is, I can barely hold him right now. Part of it is that I think it messes with my hormones and makes me a bit crazy. And part of it is that incessant mommy guilt telling me I am somehow failing him. So, that is adding to my depression a bit these days. I won't talk about it much in here as I know it is not something everyone likes to hear about or even needs to hear about. It is just part of my motherhood journey, so I thought I would share briefly.

And now, at 7:25 p.m. it seems all three of our boys are settled in bed. Phew. It is very quiet in here. It is nice, but again, I am feeling sad. I hope this feeling will lift soon. I'm off for now.

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luckyducky said...

Feel for you girl! Sounds a lot like you have a fracture blister there. I haven't ever heard of putting a band aid on under a cast but, perhaps they do things differently in other areas. I can understand getting frustrated with your current limitations, if you can just keep in mind " this too shall pass", it will be so much better for you! If you go back into my blog, I too was in the place you are at last year. It is so easy to get disappointed and depressed with your current inability to do the things you were just recently so easily able to do! I have been there done that! Got the T-shirt! I invite you to read my blog, perhaps you can relate.