Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Wouldn't you know it, I'm alone with the boys again. Golf. That's my one-word explanation. And today, they are diving me nuts. Wait a minute...that's fairly typical, isn't it? Micah is napping, which is not typical, in that he went down at around 9:30 a.m. He does not usually nap much before 11 a.m. I hope we are not coming down with something here. I had a wicked headache all through the night (which is gone now) and Cody just finished telling me he has a headache. I asked him what it felt like, just to see whether he would say it hurt. I was not sure whether he was just making something up or whether he truly had a headache. He said it felt kind of weird. I asked him to elaborate and asked him, "Like what?" His response was, "Uh...kind of like beans." As you can imagine, that was terribly helpful in diagnosing the problem. He then  showed me with his hands where it hurt. The back of his neck? Huh? He mentioned his throat too. I don't know what he is talking about. I'm guessing he is just looking for attention, but he could be getting something. I sure hope not.

I did a workout yesterday. Did I mention that in my post? Well, I was feeling a little bit cocky by the end of the day. After all, that was the most difficult workout I have in my arsenal, and I actually survived it without feeling as though I narrowly escaped death. Furthermore, I was not feeling especially shaky in the hours afterwards, so I was beginning to wonder whether getting back into working out might be easier than I had anticipated. It wasn't until close to bed time that I noticed my muscles were starting to seize up. Uh oh. Sure enough, I woke up barely able to pry my body out of the fetal position. Now, with every step I take I am hard pressed not to groan or utter some other expression of pain. My butt is especially sore, which is bound to make this evening interesting. Andrea is coming over and giving me a riding lesson. That saddle ought to feel great on my broken cheeks. I am already wincing. I was hoping to do an abdominal workout today, seeing those are the only muscles I did not work out yesterday, but I'm not sure. I can't do it with these boys all over me, and they are driving me crazy (did I already say that??), and in truth, all I really want to do is lay down and go to sleep. Mike will supposedly be back by 2 p.m., but he always underestimates how long he will take when he goes out. So, I may just go ahead and consider the riding to be today's workout. We'll see, I guess. I don't trust myself enough to say that I am back in a routine as far as workouts go, because I have only done one. I would like to get back in shape though, and I would love to establish a good routine before Mike starts work again. That gives me about a month to get something good going. Maybe if I can do a month, I can keep going. How does a person work out when they are exhausted??

Anyway, the boys are currently raiding the fridge. That activity has the potential to either give me some much needed space for a few minutes, or to trigger some type of catastrophe depending on what Jamie gets into in his quest for sustenance. Technically, we have not really had a Jamie "situation" yet today. Well, I guess he did polish off a whole row (the last one, incidentally,) of Oreo cookies this morning before 7 a.m. That wasn't cool. But at least it doesn't require another call to poison control.

I have not fed my horse yet this morning either. I mean, she has grass to graze on, but I have not given her her extra pellets yet. Sasha is underweight and needs to put on some pounds so I have to give her extra to supplement her grazing. I do it twice a day, but I have not been able to leave the house yet today. Technically, I could go now, but the horses went and disappeared on me way back when Micah was still up. Now, if I go out there, I may not be able to find them so instead of it taking ten minutes, it could take much longer than that. I guess she'll have to wait a bit today, which is no big deal.

Anyway, I guess I should really sign off for now. I wish I could have a nap! Only about four more hours until Mike is here and I can have a break. Yikes.

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