Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rough night

Yesterday Micah turned 13 months exactly. I took the plunge and weaned him completely. He was mostly there already, and this is longer than I have gone with any of my babies, but for some reason it is always hard to do. He was up at 1:45 a.m. crying hysterically for no discernible reason. Mike had to check him because it really is difficult for me to carry him around, but he didn't hold him long and put him back to bed. It did not go over well. The hysterics went on for an hour in total, and it was horrible. I lay in bed with tears in my eyes, not knowing what was wrong with him. I knew I could nurse him and probably settle him, but I knew that could also form a bad habit, and create an expectation. For some reason, he has been really fussy the last several days. I highly suspect another tooth is under his gums bothering him. We put stuff on his gums last night to help him, but I don't think it worked. I read recently that at this age they start getting dreams. I strongly suspected he had had a bad dream because he was okay while I held him, but he did not want to go back in his room. The whole thing was terrible, and of course it would happen right when I decide to wean him. So, once again I must struggle with guilt, but I can't take that on. I sincerely hope tonight goes better. He is napping right now, and went down without a struggle. That's a good sign because lately he gets really upset even going for his naps.

So I am here alone with all three boys and at the moment I have some space because the older two are playing downstairs and Micah is sleeping, as I mentioned. I am supposed to be cleaning the house, and I was, but I am taking a short break. Mike has gone with Andrea (my younger sister, for those who don't know) to pick up her horse, Indy. He is coming to live with us for a while, which will be interesting. I will try to take pictures of the three of them meeting later, but it is supposed to rain so not sure how many I will get. Indy is a bay as well, so all three of them look very similar. All different breeds though. I think it will be funny to see them all together, once they all get along. I hope they will get along.

My other sister, Christine, is coming over after lunch with some or all of her three boys, and along with my dear friend, Kim. I don't see Kim very often as she lives a few hours away, so this is a treat for me. So, this will be a busy day, and technically, I should be working on homework too, but I think my evening is clear. Hopefully I can get it finished soon. It is due on Wednesday, but I want to get it done this weekend if I can. We have plans on Sunday, and Monday Mike intends to go to his new school to get his classroom prepped. Tuesday I have a doctor's appointment to have this wrist and cast checked, so there are no free days to work hard on my homework. I have been doing it over the last several days, so if I continue to do bits and pieces, I should be okay. My next assignment is going to be a doozy though, so that ought to be interesting with Mike back at work full time again!

Anyway, I think this break has been long enough. Gotta get cleaning again. This place is a disaster. Bye for now.

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