Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer's End.

I am unsuccessfully trying to work on my homework right now, so it seemed like a good time to do a blog post. I know I have been a bit scarce lately, but in truth there has not been a whole lot to report. I am still in a cast and I am doing well as far as my injuries go, but I am increasingly covered in mass amounts of poison ivy. My existence has been somewhat miserable as a result. I am finding myself saddened at the prospect of September beginning, even though it is my birth month and has always been my favorite month, because the summer is officially over and our entire August was wasted thanks to my senseless injuries. I did not go to the lake a single time this summer. No, not once. Wow. In fact, we have not been anywhere at all. We did not even make it in to the big city to take our boys to the zoo, as was planned since last winter. So, I guess I am having some regrets about the summer and it is hard not to be sad about it. This is turning into the perfect weather for riding, but I will not be doing any. Worse is the fact that I have wrecked things for Mike, and partially for the boys, though they are less aware of it. Every year we say we will go on a holiday, and every year we stay home. Maybe next year we will really do it. I don't know. Every year I get sad at the end of August because I know Mike will be returning to work and I will be alone with the boys every day. It is part of life. Even as a kid I was sad to be starting school. Maybe what I need is a good trip to Wal-Mart to buy a whackload of school supplies. I love school supplies. When my boys are older I will enjoy taking them shopping for school supplies and new clothes every August.

I think what I need is to have a new season to look forward to instead of grieving over the one I have just lost. I don't know. There is nothing new on my horizon at this point. Just for the boys. I mean, Cody will start preschool on September 15th. that's new, but not for me. Just for him. Maybe I have a craving to return to school. I don't know. Probably not. I am still in my course and though it is going very well I am tired of deadlines. Too bad though. That is my future, if I manage to become a published writer. No, a professional writer, who continues to get published. Wow. I just keep saying I don't know. It is true. I don't.

Maybelline was ridden this morning for the first time. That was exciting. Mike's brother did it, with him looking on. Well, he was in the round pen too, and there were a few brief rodeo moments, but all in all it went very well. She is doing well, and though we are extremely slow at getting her broke, it is getting done. Mike even got a short ride in, at a walk. I wanted to take pictures, but stayed in the house.

My mom was out starting on Tuesday at around lunch time. She came to help me out while Mike attended some professional development days in a nearby town. Tuesday he just went for the afternoon, but that evening we went to town and had a date. There were no movies playing that we wanted to see in the theatre, so we just went to The Keg and had a nice meal. Then, in true hick-style, we went to Future Shop for further entertainment. There is not a whole lot to do in the city here, as it is quite small, and our only options were really bowling and mini-golf, both impossible for me with a cast on my right arm. So, in Future Shop, of course Mike made a bee-line for the Apple computers, and that was okay. I am an Apple girl too, but not obsessed like Mike. But then we went to the back of the store and checked out their huge Sony 3D TV. This is truly pathetic, but standing there with those 3D glasses on, watching demos of aquariums with beautiful sharks swimming right off the screen and beside us, and Play Station games where we were in dune buggies and flying across hills and through mid-air, was one of the funnest things I have done in a long time. (On a brief aside, did you know that "funnest" is not a word? We are forced to be more formal and say "most fun". I believe I will refuse to take the word "funnest" out of my vocabulary.) Anyway, we stood in front of that TV for only about ten minutes, but I felt like we had been to the I-Max or somewhere equally exciting. At the very least, it felt like we had left our familiar surroundings, even if it was only for ten minutes.

We were home by 10 p.m., or slightly before, but it was a good evening. Mike was at his workshop the whole next day, but my mom got quite sick and even ended up throwing up. It was so horrible, and sudden too. I felt terrible for her, and I had to do quite a bit by myself including changing two poopy diapers. I know, that is old hat, but with a cast on my right hand I am paranoid about getting bacteria on it because I can't wash it. So, I survived, leaving me to conclude that I will be okay on my own with all three of them again, but I am still left dreading it, and I doubt that has anything to do with my injuries at all!

So, that about covers my last week...more or less. I better end this before I go on and on even more. I will try to do this a little more consistently. Hopefully I will lose the cast on Tuesday and then this will be a lot less annoying. I'm off for now.

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