Thursday, September 23, 2010

Almost through the week.

I guess it's only Thursday, though I thought for a moment it might be Friday. Our week has been strange, with lots of sickness and lots of TV. There have been lots of bad attitudes, lots of grouchiness, and fatigue too. And I don't just mean the kids. Even as I typed that, Cody shouted at me, "DON'T TALK EVER AGAIN!" I told him, "You've got it." He muttered some more things, including a threat to run away. Cody is four. Sometimes I wonder whether he is close to fourteen, though I have asked him and he assures me he is not.

I took all the boys to the doctor today. Well, only Micah had an actual appointment, but I had to take them all. Mike met me there on his way home from work, as it was in between his work and our place. He was late though, so I got a momentary taste of what it is like to take them all out with no help. It was okay, but once he got there I was so glad I had help. That's when Cody wanted to use the bathroom, and I was very thankful I did not have to drag all three of them in there. Micah's eyes are infected or something, so he looks like something the cat dragged in. He looks awful. We are about to put ointment in his eyes. Oh boy. I'm SO looking forward to this.

Well. That was fun. Have I ever mentioned how much I do not handle eyeball issues well? Micah's eyes are very red and seeping all kinds of gunk. Sorry. Gross, I know. So, putting ointment in was a real delight for both him and us. He is all chipper again now. Wait til we put the saline drops up his nose and the olive oil in his ears! He's going to love us. We have to do the ointment for three days. It is an antibiotic, so obviously his eyes are infected. The doctor didn't tell me that. He just prescribed the ointment.

Anyway, I have been pretty dopey the last few days with a wicked sore throat and sore ears, plus I have been very overtired and feverish. I am desperately hoping tomorrow will be better. My throat is slightly improved tonight, which is a welcome relief after three days of agony. As a result, I have let the boys watch tons of TV, which always has terrible repercussions in their attitudes...particularly Cody. I have also done no homework whatsoever, despite this assignment being my biggest yet. I am a bit stressed about that. What I did do is read my book that I got for my birthday. It was really good, and I was quite thrilled to be able to cozy up with a book for a while and ignore all my duties. Well, not all of them, but a lot of them. The house is pretty messy, and I have not been the most spectacular chef lately. Okay, I have never been a spectacular chef. That's okay. It's just not my thing. Once in a while I prepare something yummy, which is a huge improvement over my early years of marriage.

Now that I am done my book, I will have to start my assignment again. One more day to make it through until the weekend, though it may be a tough one because Mike will not get home until after supper I think...maybe even later. The weather is supposed to be warm and sunny though, so that should really help. Feeding the horses these last few days has been less fun than normal because of all the cold rain. Maybe a nice sunny day is just what the doctor has ordered. Saturday, Mike will be helping one of my sisters move, so I will be on my own with the boys again. Hopefully it won't be the whole day, but I guess we'll find out.

Anyway, Mike is reading to the boys now. I refused tonight, as I can't talk very well at the moment. I think I might snuggle a little baby who is wearing a light brown velour sleeper. Very cozy and soft. I'm off for now.

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