Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another milestone.

Today was a major mommy milestone for me. Okay, really it was a milestone for Cody, but this is a whole new level of the parenting experience, in my opinion. Cody had his first day of preschool today. Last night I packed a snack in his new Cars lunch bag, and I packed his new Thomas the Train back pack with a change of clothes and the registration papers too. Then this morning we all packed up, and mercifully I dropped Micah and Jamie at my mother-in-law's place so I did not have any tagalongs. I know, I am kind of a wimp, but Micah is not easy to take places these days, and Jamie is quite sick. (Just a cold this time, but one that is really knocking him off his feet.) So I drove to the tiny town that is only five minutes away from our place and I brought Cody inside the church where the preschool is held. He got shy for a moment, but as soon as he saw the red tractors in the other room, he was gone. I went in and told him I was leaving, and he said okay. I told him to have fun, and he responded in a sing-song voice, "I will!" as the other mothers stuck close to their terrified and crying kids and shot me envious looks, one that almost bordered on hostility. Hehe. I was not about to feel one bit bad. I was incredibly relieved that I was not one of the moms with the kid clinging to me for dear life. I think that is the norm, but Cody is not typical in that he is not really shy. He had a blast, and he looked so adorable in his brand new jeans and black long-sleeved waffle shirt, with his backpack on his back. He just loved it. I was so relieved.

And so I survive this rite of passage completely unscathed. I almost didn't earn my motherhood patch on this one, but I will take all the freebies I can get. I have a feeling Jamie will more than make up for any easy experiences I get with Cody! But maybe he will surprise me. I sure hope so! He wants to go to preschool now too, so I told him if he can get it together and stop using diapers, I will send him in January with his brother. Wow. If I could do that, I would ease his transition too! And Micah will be able to go with Jamie too when he is older. I am really jumping ahead of myself here, but you can't blame me for trying.

Anyway, my eyes are bothering me a bit so I think I will ditch the laptop for a bit. I just wanted to do a post today, particularly in light of this momentous occasion! I know I have not done many posts in here either. I have been swamped with homework this week, which was due today. I sent it in a couple of hours ago, and now the clock begins ticking on the next assignment, which is probably the biggest one yet!!! So, I will sign off and enjoy one pressure-free evening, and then I better get a start on the next assignment! Bye for now.


Angie Kroeker said...

hee hee indeed, I loved the picture of sea of mothers all with clinging toddlers as you sailed right through with not a care in the world. I am sure when my day comes I will be one of the many.
No matter how easy it was it is still a right of passage. Glad it went well.

CAT said...

Yes, it went well, but I'm pretty sure when Jamie's turn comes around I will be right in there with the other moms whose kids are not happy to be left there! Hopefully your first will go smoothly too. She, like Cody, does not seem to have a shy bone in her body!