Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday and Anniversary

Well, my birthday is coming to a close this evening, and I am amazed to report that I am typing this from my brand new laptop I feel very spoiled, and I will be selling my old one along with the iPod touch that it came with in order to justify the purchase, but wow, this is a nice laptop. It is an Apple MacBook, and I am loving it, though I had no access to it or my old one the entire day. No matter, I was busy cleaning anyway.

My day went relatively well, with very few problems from the boys. Despite the colder, rainy (on and off) day, I sent them out at least three times, possibly four, when they got too crazy, and that helped. Micah was a bit fussy, but it was okay. My day mostly consisted of a heart overflowing with gratitude and love for my amazing and adorable boys. Cody wished me happy birthday many times through the day. Jamie did too. They helped me make my birthday cake, though Dr. Phil would give me a swift kick in the pants for eating any. I only had one piece though, so he should just relax.

In truth, I was down yesterday, and felt like today would be a blase day of cleaning and disciplining, and all things mundane. In the end, I had zero expectations, and I ended up really enjoying my time with my little family. The only downside is that right now I have developed a wicked migraine and I am beginning to feel nauseated. Fantastic.

Tomorrow will be a big day. I will have to continue cleaning and doing laundry, and packing. We are going away for our anniversary when Mike gets home from school. My parents will be arriving some time in the afternoon to stay here with all of our boys. Yep. We are leaving them all behind. Very weird. I am a little anxious about it, but also looking forward to it. I hope this migraine will not be with me when I wake up in the morning.

Anyway, I really am going to have to go to bed, as this is getting quite bad. I did have a good day though. I may not have time to post tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. Who knows? I might do a post from the big city. Goodnight all, and thanks to my family and friends for the sweet birthday wishes, and anniversary too. Today is our anniversary, but we will be celebrating that starting tomorrow! It's number ten.

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