Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gorgeous day.

It is a gorgeous day here today. The sun is shining and is quite hot, but there is a big wind and it is actually only 17 degrees out. (Celsius, of course.) This is my kind of day. The windows are open and the house is bright and fresh. Cody and Jamie are both outside, which is also nice, and Micah is now napping. Mike is at work again today, preparing for the school year which starts in a week. I have laundry going, but the rest of the house is not very orderly at all! If I weren't too embarrassed, I'd take a picture and post it in here. I am very sore today, so not wanting to move around a whole bunch.

Yesterday Mike took the boys to town when he got home and took them birthday shopping for me. Yes, my birthday is a week from today, and Cody greeted me this morning with a "Happy birthday, Mom". It was very sweet, even though it is not actually my birthday. I wonder whether he will be able to keep a secret all the way until next Thursday? I guess we will find out. I don't think we have any plans for that day, which is also our anniversary, but I hope it is a gorgeous day just like today.

Micah is feeling much better these last couple of days and that really brightens my mood as well. He was really fussy and upset all the time and it was very stressful. He seems to be back to his happy little self now, and walks around singing and patting his belly and grinning, name it.

This was not a thrilling entry, but I guess I better do some cleaning seeing the boys are not in my hair at the moment. It would be an ideal time to do some more writing too, in preparation for my huge assignments that are coming up. I will clean first and see what I can get done. I'm off!

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