Monday, September 27, 2010

More sickness.

Monday has arrived, and there is no calling in sick for me. I am very sick, and finally got to see a doctor yesterday. I have bronchitis and a sinus infection, so I'm pretty miserable. I am on antibiotics, but have only had four doses so far, so still feeling pretty gross. The boys are all coughing now, and I am hoping they will not get this as bad as I have. Our morning has gone all right. I am sitting around reading, trying to stay awake. The boys have been good so far. I can see that Micah is about ready to keel over from being so tired, but I want him to nap after lunch instead. So, here I am avoiding making lunch because I don't have the energy. I just took some cough syrup, so hopefully it won't make me wingy or anything.

Anyway, there is not much else to report otherwise. The weather has turned gorgeous here, and I am wanting to get on Sasha again, but just too sick right now. I'm hoping maybe by later this week. The other thing is, I have homework due Friday, a huge assignment, but my head is just not functioning. I'm about halfway done, but just don't think I can do any more right now. I might wait til tomorrow evening and see how I'm doing. I should be better by then, according to the pharmacist. Meanwhile, the boys can play outside in the beautiful weather, as they did this morning. At the moment, the TV is on until lunch time. So, I better go so I can face that next challenge.


Songinthenight said...

Hi Cheryl,

Sorry to hear you are so sick with bronchitis again. That's too bad. I pray you'll be feeling better really soon & can enjoy come time on Sasha again. Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better really soon. My son Zeke just had bronchitis and just by seeing him I know how miserable that can make one feel, so I have compassion for you today as you care for your little guys and have that infection. I wish I was there I would hold your fort down while you slept. I love you and pray that you feel better soon.