Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A new way to agitate "horses". Hehe.

Today is my Monday. Not just any Monday, but the beginning of many Mondays. Mike is back to work today, though the actual teaching does not begin until tomorrow. Here I am, alone with three boys, and so far it has not been too bad. I had a small blow-out with Cody this morning, but I sent him to his room (or more like running and screaming to his room) and we had a good little chat. We made a "deal" about how our year is going to go. No fighting. No screaming or yelling at each other. Mutual respect. Mutual listening. Talking to others in a nice voice. It was a good chat and it is a good plan. Failure to comply will result in time-outs. We sealed it with a prayer, and went on our way.

Jamie decided to sport his flashy red Lightning McQueen undies today in place of a diaper. I told him that was fine, but he was NOT to pee or poop in that underwear. I told him he would not be wearing any pants in the house as long as he was in underwear, but he could wear them outside. The morning went well. He peed on the toilet twice. I asked him right after lunch if he needed to go. He said no. Micah had just pooped in his diaper, so I told Jamie I would be changing Micah and then coming to take him to the toilet to pee. I changed Micah and put him to bed. Jamie peed in his pants before I could return to them. I confiscated the underwear and put the diaper back on. I was mad. He didn't do it by accident. He did it on purpose!

The boys are playing outside now, and Micah is still in bed, but I am beginning to suspect that he is not sleeping anymore. I thought I heard a Micah scream a few minutes ago, but the monitor is not in here with me. If he's awake, it's because of the loud fight that occurred outside his window a few minutes ago. I am shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Can't seem to win!

I also confiscated the boys' "horses" today. Their horses are big stuffed dogs that they pretend to ride. Jamie's is named Pablo, and I think Cody's is Tasha, but I am unclear whether those are the horses' names, or whether those are the characters played by Cody and Jamie. Anyway, the horses were laying on the living room floor when I noticed Tabu, our tabby cat, (pronounced Taboo) sniffing them incessantly. That triggered a red flag, so I quickly, yet reluctantly, sniffed them myself. Just as I suspected and also dreaded. Cat pee. Fabulous. So, the horses spent a good 45 minutes in the washing machine having a much needed bath. They are in the dryer at the present time. I am scared to sniff them again. I hope it did the trick. I also hope they survive the ordeal. There are times when I don't love my sweet, soft and furry tabby girl as much as I should. Anything involving cat pee outside the litter box qualifies for one of those moments. It is unforgivable, or close to it. My cats used to both be normal. Okay, that is a blatant lie. Neither of them have ever been normal, but they didn't pee on things either until one weekend when we went away and I accidentally locked Tabu in the bathroom with no litter box. She was traumatized from having peed and pooped on the floor, and ever since she has been inconsistent with the litter box. It was entirely my fault, but I still get mad at her every time she does it.

Anyway, I do hear Micah screaming after all, so I suppose it is time to face my motherly duties once again and quit my rambling in here. I have laundry to fold and a baby to rescue, and I am sure there will be other duties piling up before I know it. I'm off for now.

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Songinthenight said...

I noticed you haven't had any comments in awhile so I thought I'd say "hi" on here! Hope all goes well with your hubby away all day! I'm sure there will be tons of "adventures" for you. Hopefully Jamie will catch on to the potty training once & for all! TTYL!!!