Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No more cast.

I am glad to be able to say I am no longer wearing a cast. In fact, I am sporting a very pretty, black and blue splint that is fastened with velcro and is removable and washable. Let me just say that having my cast removed was one of the most terrifying experiences in my life. I'm glad it was fast. Honestly, I don't know how he didn't cut my arm. He didn't say a word either, he just whipped around with this saw whining and my eyes bugged out at the circular blade. It did not look like it was small enough not to cut right through to my arm. Here is a random picture I found on the internet of the same type of saw, used for cutting casts off.

That might not look like much, but when it is cutting through the only layer of protection around your arm, it is terrifying. He did one cut from my hand back toward my elbow and then flipped my arm over and cut the other side from my arm all the way up to my hand. I was scared he would slip and cut my fingers off when he got there. Seriously scary. 

So, then I got to go pick up my new splint. I get to wear it full time for the first week and then gradually less after that so I can get some motion back in my wrist. Already after 24 hours, my wrist is far more sore than it was in the cast because it is nowhere near as protected or immobilized. Here is a picture of my new look.

Oh, and that is Micah with his new haircut. He loves my brace. He likes to play with the velcro.

So it is hard to tell from the pictures, but it is actually blue and black. The blue part is much bluer and nicer in person than in the photo, but I was trying to hold up an SLR camera with my left hand and take a picture, without knowing where I was aiming! 

Later, we picked up a bunch of medicine for all of us. More Tylenol and Advil for Micah, who has been unwell for several days. (He is better today and appears to be normal again.) A muscle relaxant for Mike, who "blew out" his knee on Saturday jumping on and off a pickup truck while loading straw bales. I put that in quotes, because I don't really know what that means. At any rate, he wrecked it, and it is not the first time it has happened, but we don't know for sure what happened to it this time around. So, we are a pathetic pair. 

Anyway, we also picked up some Benadryl for myself. Anyone seen the movie Hitch? You may remember the scene where he has an allergic reaction and ends up drinking Benadryl right out of the bottle with a bendy straw, and ends up quite intoxicated with it. Let's just say I had a similar reaction to the stuff, and all I took was one pill. Yikes. I was laughing uncontrollably, and tipping over when I was standing in the kitchen, and within an hour I could not stay awake anymore and I had to go to my room and sleep it off. I only slept for an hour or so, but wow. That stuff was so powerful! So now I can't take it except right before bed, which I did last night. It's for my poison ivy, by the way. I bought day time stuff and night time stuff, but apparently the day time stuff makes me crazy so I can't take it when I am the only responsible adult home, as I am today. Mike enjoyed my little episode, but I must say, it didn't feel so great. I was so lightheaded and I felt out of control. One pill. Wow. 

Not much else to report today. Micah is in bed sleeping, though I expect he will wake up any moment now as he has been down for two hours. The other two are playing nicely outside. So it is quiet in here. I really should attempt to do some dishes now. I did clean the living room and I even vacuumed. The kitchen is a mess, so I guess I will head there next. All is well with the horses for now. Here are a few pics of the three of them.

Above is their first meeting. Indy, the new kid on the block, is the one inside the round pen with his head over the fence. Maybelline is closer to us, and Sasha is in the background. Notice that Indy brought a mouthful of hay with him. I think he was flaunting it a little bit.

In this one, Indy is trotting around like a stud (he is in fact, a gelding), and you can see Sasha closest to the fence on the outside and Maybelline on the other side of her. They followed each other by the fence for the first day or so, until we let Indy in the pasture with Maybelline and we brought Sasha in to the round pen for a day.

Finally, here is a shot of Maybelline and Indy shortly after they met with no fence between them. Indy is the one on the right. He is also a bay, but has a much redder coat than our girls do. When Sasha got her turn to meet him, they also did this cute face-to-face pose, but it was pouring so I didn't have my camera outside. Indy quickly established himself as the boss, and he is very aggressive with them, so I am hesitant to get in the fence with them until they are a little more settled. He kicked one of the top rails off the round pen the first day he was with Maybelline. That rail is 5 1/2 feet high. There have been some loud squeals and lots of kicking and biting, but things are going all right now. It is funny to see three of them out there. Even funnier to me is that they are all solid brown with black points (even though Sasha is technically registered as "brown" and not "bay"), but yet one is a Quarter Horse, one is a Paint and one is an Appaloosa. Sounds like a colorful herd, but there is barely any white on any of them. 

Anyway, Micah is awake now, I think, so I really must run. Maybe I can get the dishwasher unloaded really quickly before I have to get him out of bed. Bye for now.

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