Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rain and salamanders and skunks. Oh my!

It is a cool and rainy morning here, and believe it or not, I just got back from a walk down the road. I decided today would be a walking day as far as exercise goes because I am somewhat limited with the workout dvds that I have, either with my ankle or my wrist. So, I went outside to move the horses into the temporary fence line and seeing I was wearing Mike's waterproof rain jacked with a hood, I figured, why not? I went past Jamie, who was oblivious to the rain because he was playing with his salamander that he caught this morning, and I headed down the driveway. Radar joined me, which was nice. It is nice to have a big German Shepherd type along on walks in the country. It was very peaceful and beautiful going down our driveway, as usual. The mosquito population has shrunk considerably, though they are not completely wiped out yet. Anyway, we had one encounter with a truck, so I had to hold Radar by the scruff of the neck so he wouldn't do anything dumb, but after that it was quiet on the road. We got as far as the closest set of train tracks, which is maybe a quarter of a mile away, and I figured we could just keep going. Then I saw it. In the ditch on my side of the road just a tiny bit further up the road was a skunk! EEEEKKK! Well, somehow the wind was blowing in our favor, however feeble it was, and Radar did not notice the skunk. I am so thankful for that. I called him in a really excited voice and we turned around for home. On the way I collected some pretty rocks for Cody. It is hard not to pick up stones when they are wet. They always look so pretty when the colors are dark and there is no dust on them.

I just spent an untold amount of time searching for a good photo of our driveway when the leaves are still green, but I came up blank. Weird. Maybe the next time it stops raining I should get some. It is supposed to rain all week here, which is unpleasant, but maybe it won't rain quite as much as they are saying.

The boys caught another salamander, as I mentioned earlier, and Jamie refuses to come inside. It is completely pouring outside now, and he does not care. A few minutes ago I heard him call, "Salamander! Come!" He is so cute. We tried to keep him inside, but in the end I thought, if he would rather be outside, why would I deny him the fresh air? He is having fun, and Cody is playing in the basement, which means no fights. Even better, Micah is napping, so all three are quiet and happy. Woo hoo!

Mike is practicing his french with an audio program on his computer. He will be teaching some french this year, and he is not exactly...well, let's just say it is not his best subject. It is rather amusing to listen to this woman and her overly enthusiastic pronunciations. Haha.

I better go. Jamie just came in. He said the salamander bit him. He seems quite entertained by that fact. He said it didn't hurt, but Cody said it had lots of very sharp teeth. Ha. Yeah, right! Jamie is very sad that he lost the salamander. Such a silly boy. After lunch we will be playing some Wii. We don't let the boys do that very often, nor do we do it ourselves very often, but it is a rainy day and we are all here, so it will be a fun little treat. I'm off for now.

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