Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The sickness rages on.

I have lost count of how many days I have been sick. I do know that for Jamie, this is the 18th day, and he is still not well. He went to bed with a bad stomach ache last night, which instilled in me a terrible sense of dread. This morning he is still clutching his tummy, and didn't want to eat breakfast. I was not about to force him. He doesn't want anything to drink as of yet either. He has only been up for an hour though, so we'll see. Cody is coughing quite a bit and sound pretty phlegmy, so I called the preschool teacher and told her I'd be keeping him home today. Another first for this mommy. Calling in sick for my child. He doesn't know, and I am not going to tell him unless he asks. I don't want to upset him. He is unaware that today is preschool day. Poor kid. He's not really badly sick at this point, but judging by the rest of us, he could get that way and I just didn't feel right spreading that to the other kids at preschool. Micah is also coughing a lot, and this morning I saw that he popped a molar out! Well, just one tip of it has poked through. I'm guessing that is part of what has been bothering him lately.

As for me, I'm wondering whether it is possible that at least some of this is viral, because I really don't feel like I'm getting better fast enough considering I'm on antibiotics. My throat and ear are still sore, and my face still hurts. I just don't know. So, today we are all vegging out in front of the TV. Sadly, the shows will not be very entertaining for me, but they certainly will keep the older two occupied, which will afford me a bit of peace...depending on how much trouble Micah is able to find. He is toddling around looking for things to do. I'm guessing he is feeling better than any of us at this point, but it is hard to say for sure.

I just fed the horses, and the fresh air was nice even though the work is not so great at the moment. I think it was better than it would have been about three days ago though, so I must be improving somewhat. I am going to attempt to get more homework done today. It is due Friday and it is a huge assignment, and considering how brain-dead I have been this last seven or eight days, I am struggling to get it done. I don't want to miss a deadline, as I have not missed a single one yet, even through terrible stomach flu, an entire pregnancy and a birth. So, I guess that's what I will attempt next. We'll see whether my head can handle it or not. If not, maybe I will rest today and try some homework this evening.

Hm. Jamie just requested pancakes. You should see him. He does not look good. He looks exhausted, and he slept in this morning til 8 a.m. Normally he is up by 6:30 a.m. every single day. I always feel so helpless when my kids are sick. I guess I better get something for Jamie to eat. Bye for now.

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