Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still the sick house.

Saturday has arrived, and it should be an interesting one. I am very, very sick but I will be here alone with the boys for most of the day. Jamie is still sick, but not as bad, I don't think. Micah's eyes look better this morning, so hopefully they will be totally cleared up by tomorrow morning. Cody continues to elude this virus, or whatever it is. As usual, it now seems I have managed to get it the worst. A part of me would like to go to the doctor today, but I don't know whether anything is open or not, plus I can't get there. It isn't just that I will have all of my boys with me. Everyone knows I am a wimp about taking them all somewhere by myself. The thing is, I won't have the van anyway, which will literally make it impossible for me to go anywhere. Mike will be going to town very fact really he should be leaving right now, to help my sister move. Of course I want her to have the help, but I am very stressed about being left alone here today.

In other news, Sasha was roaming around in our front yard this morning when we got up. We don't know where she got out of the fence, or why the others did not. Mike did discover that the fencer was not plugged in, which is very odd, so the electric portions of the fence were actually disabled. Yikes. I'm glad they didn't all get out, and I'm glad she just hung out in the yard eating our green grass. Mike grabbed a pail of pellets from the shed and Sasha followed him enthusiastically back into the pen. He locked all three horses in the round pen and then walked the whole fence line to make sure everything was okay. Oh dear. This is part of owning horses, but I hate the thought of them getting out of their fence. Anyway, that adventure was very minor and short, and for that I am thankful. I guess from now on I will check to make sure the fencer is plugged in every time I go in the shed for Sasha's pellets.

Last night we also had something of a domestic disaster. What I mean is, I pulled out the central vac to clean up the living room floor, which had not been done in several days. I had forgotten that the last time I used it, it was shorting out and I had to hold the cord into the plug part on the vacuum handle the whole time I was vacuuming in order to make it work. So I started this again last night, and it was totally shorting out and nearly impossible to vacuum. Mike was bathing the boys at this time. I shouted to him about what was going on, and I guess he was also aware of the problem. Anyway, I decided if I was determined enough I could make this happen so I pushed this plug thing in as hard as I could and started vacuuming. Suddenly, there was a bunch of smoke coming from the plug, so I pulled it out, and one of the two prongs on it had melted right off. It was both scary and upsetting. I don't really know what to do. Now we have no central vac. Because of that one small plug. I don't know whether it is fixable or what. We will have to find out, somehow. We have only had it for four years, so there is no excuse for that kind of malfunction, in my opinion.

So, that is the update on the home front. Mike is in the other room, but I suspect he will leave as soon as he emerges. He is actually already late. I would like very much to curl up with a blanket and watch a good movie, or read a good book, but I am fresh out of books and I can't turn on the TV around here without major repercussions from these boys.

Anyway, looks like I am in demand at the moment. I'm off.

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