Friday, October 29, 2010

Bombs away.

Being a mom is like being on the bomb squad. Every day is spent rushing to diffuse situation after situation, and each success is followed by another call. It's stressful. It's messy. Occasionally it's dangerous, if only for the mental health. You have to be able to negotiate. You're on call 24 hours a day, every day. There are no holidays, unless you're lucky enough to have a retired bomb squad member living near enough to take a shift now and then. If the bomb goes off, it's always your fault. If the bomb goes off, you still have to diffuse it afterwards, and risk a worse, secondary explosion. There are sometimes casualties. You are sometimes one of them. Even if you are hurt, you cannot have a day off to recuperate.

Yesterday I diffused a bad situation in the morning. It was a successful day that way. Cody was in a bad state, and I took him to his room again with a stack of books and enforced a quiet time. Somehow, I got him calmed down enough to submit to it, and he came out of there about half an hour later doing much better than he had been earlier. A victory. Rare, and definitely appreciated.

Later, my mother-in-law invited them over for the afternoon. Well, she actually invited all of us, but Micah needed a nap and I needed to work on my homework, so I dropped off Cody and Jamie and then I had a quiet afternoon here, working on my homework and also doing some much needed cleaning and organizing of the front closet.

The evening brought on some other developments that were very upsetting to me. Micah got fussy, as usual. He is not a fussy boy, but in the evenings, toward his bedtime, he gets very fussy and demanding, and he only wants me. He won't let Mike hold him. It has to be me. So he followed me around, crying and crying. I gave him a sippy cup of water to distract him, as I was not quite ready to sit down and cuddle with him, the only sure fire way to get him to relax and be happy again. As he followed me around the island counter in the kitchen (I was pretending to run just ahead of him, attempting to make him laugh), I heard a splatter and turned around. He had barfed on the floor. Okay. I was freaking out a little. Anyone who knows me is aware of just how much I can't handle barf. It wasn't that gross. It was mostly water, but the mere fact that it happened was disturbing me greatly. Okay, fine. I cleaned it up and changed his sleeper, and then I sat with him for a bit. Then we put him to bed. He cried. He always does. But he didn't stop. He would calm down now and then for a minute or two, but then started again. Eventually we checked on him, and wouldn't you know it, he had barfed in his crib. Oh boy. Panic started to overtake me. Again, it was not very gross other than the smell, but now I was sure he was sick and I was also sure I was going to get it. The thing is, over the last six weeks I have had bronchitis, a sinus infection, pink eye and a bladder infection. That also included a severe sore throat that lasted nearly  five weeks. The thought of adding barfing to my list of ailments literally brought me to tears. I also felt terrible for Micah.

So I went to bed dreading the night. I was pleasantly surprised when Micah slept all night and had no further vomiting issues. I am now wondering whether he just guzzled too much water and then got so hysterical he did a bit of a hiccup and the water came spewing back out. Both times he had just guzzled a whole bunch of water, so it is possible. I am hoping that is all it was.

This morning there was a disaster of another kind. Last night, Mike baked brownies. Why did he do that? Was it just to torture me? Well, not entirely. Mike promised his students he'd bring goodies today. I guess being the last school day before Halloween they are having some kind of party at school. I was sad that he didn't make two pans, but let's face it, it's probably better that way. I needn't have worried. This morning, the boys dug into the pan with spoons and destroyed a third of the brownie. Mike had to leave it home. I was not in the kitchen when the mess was discovered, but I am guessing Mike was livid. I certainly was...though secretly a tiny bit glad the brownies could stay home for the day. Still, that was particularly bad, and they knew it too. The pan was covered. It never occurred to me they would look in it and eat out of it. Nothing is safe in this house. Nothing. Mike took the Wii with him and Super Mario Kart. Cody was pretty ripped off about this. I figure it kind of serves him right. I am not sure whether Mike planned to take the Wii all along, but if he didn't, it probably was to make up for arriving empty handed as far as treats go. Sheesh.

So, now the boys are playing downstairs again, which is a relief to me. Micah is toddling around, making happy sounds. He has a very runny nose, but other than that seems to be okay. And now I must do as much cleaning as I can in the morning so I can focus on my homework this afternoon. I also get to take a trip to the post office today to pick up a package. Oooo! That's always exciting. This time it's books. What could be better than that?! Too bad I'll be too busy to read them. Oh well. My plan today is to stay on my feet as much as possible, other than this afternoon when I do my homework. So, I better end this post and get going. I certainly have more than enough cleaning to keep me very busy for a long time. I'm off for now.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Broken toys, sick bunnies and literary nightmares.

Micah is 15 months old today. How time flies. He is napping right now, and I just sent the other two to their room with a stack of books for a quiet time. I wonder whether it will work? There has been altogether too much fighting around here, and I can't take it anymore.

Yesterday Cody broke one of my childhood toys, and I was really devastated by it. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but that toy was really special to me, and I had told him he was not allowed to play with it. You can't get that toy anymore. I know it's lame, but I was saving it for my little girl someday. Obviously I was misguided, seeing I do not have a little girl. But part of me was still thinking, maybe I will have granddaughters some day who would enjoy the same things I did as a child. I was so upset I felt like just throwing everything out. Who needs sentimentality? How dumb is it to get attached to an inanimate object? Of course it is not the toy itself but the ideas and memories attached to it that are so special to me. I wish I were more practical and the kind of person who can just throw things out without batting an eye. My mom is like that. For some reason, I did not inherit that trait.

In other news, we have no snow on the ground. Our winter storm rages on, and yesterday we had no power for 45 minutes, but the temperature outside has stayed just above zero so any snow that has fallen has melted. However, it is icy outside. It is snowing right now, but barely at all. I'm happy to report that it is not raining right now. It is very windy though. Yesterday the horses were all shivering violently and I felt so bad for them. I am told that is normal for this time of year. I gave them all some oats and after that they were all better. They are dry today and not shivering so far.

Great. The boys just woke up Micah. Great. I was about to start my homework.

I called a vet this morning. Oreo, our bunny, is not really doing so great. I have been upset about it for a long time, but I am considering taking him to the vet to be looked at. He is blind in one eye, but I think the other one is now going too. He has stuff coming out of both eyes, and also his ears. I did bring him out of his cage this morning to groom him, as he was moulting and he looked mangy and horrible. However, even with a nice neat fur coat, he is still not in good health. He is nine years old. If we take him to the vet, there is a good chance they will suggest putting him down. He won't come out of his cage anymore because he can't see well.

And one last thing. I found out yesterday, to my great shock and horror, Hilary Duff wrote a novel and it is number ten on the New York Times bestseller list. I was extremely dismayed to hear this. Okay, I know that's not really cool, but I could not understand how Hilary Duff wrote a book. I think the reason it shocked me so much is because she seems like a dabbler to me. She acts, but not really well. (I don't mind her movies. I'm just saying, she won't be winning an Oscar in this lifetime.) She also sings, but again, not really well. So how is it that she wrote a book good enough to make it on the New York Times bestseller list? I mean, if she's that good a writer, why wasn't she writing all along rather than doing all that other stuff? Truthfully, I had to wonder whether the reason it is selling so well is because her name is on it, and everyone is wondering what kind of book she wrote. I did a little Googling on the subject, as I was feeling mighty disturbed about the whole thing. Then I found out she used a ghost writer. In other words, she had an idea, but she hired someone else to do the actual writing for her. Ah. It is all making sense now. So what I learned from this is, if you have money, and you are famous, you can have a best selling novel with your name on it, even if you never wrote it. If you are not famous, you have to write your own novel, and then you have to claw your way in just to get published, never mind getting famous and having a best seller. Don't get me wrong. I want to do it the honest way. I would take no satisfaction in hiring someone else to do my writing for me. But, I must confess, it really irks me that people think Hilary Duff wrote a best selling novel.

That is my rant for the day. I better sign off so I can do some homework. It is due on Monday and I have not really started on it this time around. I'm off for now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snowfall warning?

Apparently we are under a snowfall warning right now, but it doesn't give any details. Yes, it has snowed today, but mostly it is pouring rain. All in all, very gross weather this morning. It is only 1 degree above zero and windy, and yes, very wet. The rain changes to snow intermittently, but I can't figure out what the warning is about. Are they just saying, "Hey everyone, prepare yourselves because today you will see snow for the first time this fall"? Or are they saying that by the end of the day we might need a tractor to plough our way out of the yard? I don't know. Either way, I am perfectly happy to stay inside today. In fact, last night for the first time in about a month I got Mike to do the evening feeding of the horses instead of volunteering to do it myself. We had originally agreed that I'd do the morning feeding and he would do the evening, but I find most nights I want to do it myself so I just do it. Last night it was not only cold, it was also raining. I chickened out. Here comes the winter, and feeding the horses is going to be less and less fun, I'm pretty sure. Never mind the watering. Yikes.

Our day was off to a very rough start, when I caught Cody under his covers with Mike's iPad (strictly forbidden, as I had reminded him at least five times this very morning) and a bag of M&Ms from the cupboard, which we were saving for baking. I was very angry. Cody and I had a rough afternoon yesterday too, so it seemed to carry over into this morning. I was extremely angry and asked him why he was so bad. He said he wasn't bad. I knew I shouldn't have said it, but I was SO angry because of how he has been acting. Later I had a chat with him and apologized. I told him he is a good boy, but he has been making a lot of bad choices. He apologized too, and he hugged me and told me he loved me. He's so amazing. He has been an angel ever since. I hope our day will be all right. Right now, all three boys are playing nicely so I am enjoying a few moments to myself. What I need to do right now is my homework, but what I plan to do today is a lot of cleaning. I was at the ophthalmologist yesterday, so didn't get much done in the way of household chores. I got a good report on my eyes, by the way.

So, I guess on this miserable day I should sign off and maybe crank some tunes or something so I can get inspired to clean. Mike will be late getting home tonight, so I will be doing the supper and bath and bed time with no back up. That also probably means I will be feeding the horses at 8:00 p.m., in the dark, in the rain. Ew. So, now to make things as easy as possible so the day doesn't feel too awful. As I sign off, it continues to pour, but I don't see any snowflakes at the moment. Maybe I'll have a picture in here tomorrow of a white yard. I'm off for now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Power outage.

As I type this, our house has a deeper silence than we usually experience, other than the sound of Cody and Jamie playing downstairs. What I mean is, our power went out. Odd. It is October. It is chilly out, but not even below zero. There is no snow or ice outside, and not even much wind. What has taken out our power? I just finished baking a birthday cake for my mother-in-law. I can’t tell you how close the timing was. I would probably be despairing now if the cake had still been in the oven. I had just turned on the washing machine to do my diaper laundry when everything quit. Oh dear. In the absence of electricity, I become much more aware of how much I depend on it. What can I do now? I can’t watch TV or play Wii. No problem. I’ll surf the net. Oh wait, I can’t do that without power either. We have wireless internet, and when we have no power, I can’t connect to it. Hm. Can’t call anyone to chat because the phones are all cordless. Somewhere we have one with a cord, and it works when we need it, but it is not currently plugged in. So I decided to blog, but even that is more complex without electricity. I have to type this in Word, using my laptop, of course, and later when I have power again I will cut and paste it into my blog and post it. Crazy. I feel like there’s nothing to do without power. It shouldn’t be that way. I am out of books to read, or I’d gladly indulge in that pass-time. Actually, what I should be doing is homework, but I just don’t feel like it. I think I am a tad bit rebellious right now about homework. I am so close to being done and it’s like that psychological tendency to slow down when you see the finish line is close. I was always told to run as hard as you can right past the finish line, but here I am, slowing down and desperate to be done. Silly, as I have enjoyed my course and learned a ton from it.
Our horses could pose a problem too, as our fence is electric. Most of it, anyway. I guess we could put them all in the round pen when we leave if we still have no power. Here’s where an automatic waterer might not be advantageous. Who knows? Our horses are very weird. We bought a new trough for them; a real trough, that holds 100 gallons. That’s not that much, but it works for three horses. So yesterday afternoon we surrounded it with straw bales to help insulate it from the cold. This morning, we looked out and the horses had moved all of the bales and pulled them apart and have now been eating them. Even with a ton of hay out there, they are still munching on the straw too. Weird. Funny, but weird.
The day is over and the power is back on. It came on after only about half an hour. Tomorrow will be a long day. I may or may not have time for blogging. Goodnight.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Super Busy Day!

It has been a very full day today. We started the morning preparing to take Cody to preschool. Today was different than most Wednesday mornings because preschool was to take place outside of the church where it is normally held. We were to drop off the children at this little place that has hay mazes, a petting zoo, and all kinds of fun things like that. I did not know its exact location because I had never been there before, but I knew it was just minutes away from the town nearest to us, so I knew it shouldn't be too much of a strain. To add to the excitement, we were going to take Cody's second cousin, Indiana, along with us because he did not have a ride there. So I went over there with the intention of leaving Jamie and Micah with Indiana's mom while I drove Cody and Indiana to their outing. However, we decided it would be more fun to cram two more car seats into the van and go all together. Haha. It was a challenge, and the back row was quite squishy, but I must say, it was absolutely hilarious having five boys in the van at once, all between the ages of 14 months and four and a half years old. They all laughed and loved the ride.

After we dropped off the two four year olds, we went back to Gabrielle's house and hung out there until it was time to pick them up again. We had a nice time, and it was the first time we had done that in a very long time because I have been so sick. So, we went and picked up the boys and then I dropped off everyone that wasn't mine and brought my crew back home. We ate a hurried lunch and I put Micah to bed, and then two of my nieces got dropped off to spend the afternoon. The kids have been playing all afternoon while I did a bunch of cleaning and laundry, and soon their mom, my sister-in-law, will be here with pizza for all. In the meantime, I made a laundry blunder and I am kicking myself. Oh, before I mention that, I must report that I baked cookies this afternoon so the kids would all have a fun snack. I felt very mother-ish. Haha.

So I got inspired and decided I had enough time to wash the boys' bedding. I did not anticipate it taking up so much room in the washer, but I decided to cram it in there anyway and just get it over with. Hm. I have had plenty of experience overloading washing machines in my lifetime, and this was by no means the worst case, but it was bad enough that the spin cycle was not terribly effective and it is just about guaranteed that the bedding is not going to be dry by bed time. So, I am in a bit of a panic here wondering what I am going to do. I don't think I have enough spare bedding to fit both of their beds, so we might have to keep them up late just so I can finish drying the laundry. Grr. The worst part is, I have to dry it on low heat so as not to damage it, so it will take even longer than it would if I put it on high heat. Back in the day, I would have just cranked it up to high and not worried about it. However, back in the day, I also ruined my really nice bedspread that I am more paranoid now. Yeesh.

Mike is late tonight because he has to ref something at the school, though I am not even sure what sport. I have to assume it is volleyball, seeing that is what he coaches right now. Maybe with our late supper, he will get here just in time to do the bath with the boys and meanwhile I can continue the frantic efforts to dry their bedding on time for them to sleep at a decent hour tonight! Ach!

So, that was our crazy day. My eye seems better today, but my throat is once again sore, so I am not completely normal yet. The boys all seem to be doing quite well though, so I am thankful. I better sign off for now. I'm sure there's probably something important I should be doing! What I really want to do is pay Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii. Is that normal for a thirty-something mom of three small boys? Hm. Times have changed. Well, I admit it, I enjoy a good video game. I am particularly loving the Mario games for the Wii, but Jamie wrecked three of mine. Oh wait, just two. One we fixed. But he did destroy the new version of Super Mario Brothers Wii, and also Super Paper Mario, neither of which I had finished and both of which are awesome games and about $60 each. (Shudder.) That's why I will probably not buy them again, which means I will never play them again. Sigh.

Anyway, that was my little blurb about my silly desire to play video games. And now, my two younger boys demand my attention. Jamie is getting into trouble, and Micah is getting frustrated and having meltdowns. Gotta love this time of day. I'm off for now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A quiet and sunny day. Aahhhh!

Ah! Sweet silence. Okay, Micah is in the living room with me, trying on rubber boots and toting around a piece of my laundry rack, but he's happy and for the moment, not demanding anything of me. The other two have been booted outside, seeing it has warmed up nicely and I want them to get some fresh air and hopefully have some fun out there. For some reason, they don't fight as badly when they are not in the house. Micah will go down for his nap soon, and then I'm going to see about getting a start on my next homework assignment. Only four left and then I'm done my course! Woo hoo!

I am feeling better today. Still talking with a nasal voice, and my eye is still itchy, but it looks much better today so I am encouraged. Tonight I get to go to my first moms' group. It might be a book study, it might be a Bible study...we are not entirely sure yet, but either way it will be the support of other young moms and that is exciting to me.

I did not accomplish all of my goals yesterday, but I did get the living room nice and clean and the kitchen is also clean, so I am having one of those days where I think to myself, wouldn't it be great if Oprah's crew showed up today? Or Publishers Clearing House or something? Haha. No, I guess I am not wishing for any unexpected company. I just know that if someone did show up, I would not be mortified. Hm. On the other hand, a quick glance at myself tells me I should be mortified if someone were to knock on my door unannounced. I have not showered. I have some kind of weird, white stain on  my very comfy but not-so-pretty blue sweatshirt. (I think it is from Micah's mouth, some kind of slobber or worse.) My hair is not entirely in the ponytail that I whipped up first thing this morning. And I am wearing Mickey Mouse pyjama pants. I think of them as lounge pants now, so to me they are day time clothes. I never wear them to bed. However, they do still have holes in them on the inner thigh, so I'm thinking they have passed beyond the realm of decent into some other place. A place that cries out, "throw me away!" But I don't really listen. Comfortable and practical. That's what I say. I know what happens to my clothes around here. Just a few minutes ago I stepped on a syrupy chunk of pancake that Micah had thrown on the floor and I didn't notice. Blech! Let's not forget that Jamie has in the past attempted to cut my shirt with scissors WHILE I was wearing it. So, with those types of incidents being something of a "norm" around here, why would I risk my only decent clothes? This is my mommy uniform. I put it on deliberately every morning, and if we have company, I change right before they come. If I have to go somewhere, I change into my nice clothes, and as soon as I get home, I change back again. I'm not sure whether I am normal or not. My guess is, there are two camps. There are the fashionable moms, who wear nice clothes all the time (and by nice clothes, I am including jeans and shirts that may be casual, but are flattering and easily appropriate to wear for outings); and then there are the moms like myself. We have a limited wardrobe, and save the good stuff for outings. We wear our old paint shirts and pyjama bottoms because they are comfortable, and any further staining or holes will not devastate us because they are already pretty ugly. As it turns out, the more I type, the more I think there are probably not two camps. I just don't have many nice clothes, so I have to wear them sparingly. Oh well. That's how it is for now, and I'm okay with that.

And now the silence in my house is complete. The boys just got picked up by their grandmother who is taking them over to her house for the afternoon. Woo hoo!!!! Now I don't know whether to nap, cook, clean, or play Wii! Haha. I guess the options are limitless. Oh wait, there's homework to do. That was my plan, right? Well, I'll have a look at it and see what I can do. I better sign off. This is not going to last long, I'm sure!

Monday, October 18, 2010

What now? Quarantine??

Monday morning. I have set my sights low today. My goals? To clean the living room, and to clean my room at least a little bit. Hm. Maybe also to clean the main bathroom, but might save that one for Mike to do after the boys have their baths. Our health around here continues to be compromised. Well, maybe it's just me. I don't know. My eye is extremely red, and it is itchy too. Not my usual eye issue, but it seems I may have pink eye. So now, apparently it is ridiculously contagious, so I feel like I have to be quarantined with my boys for a while. Up to three weeks, is what I read it can last. Lovely. I'm just so tired of missing stuff and cancelling things due to health issues. I just want to feel normal again. When is the last time I did? Who knows.

So today, I am staying home. I will clean, as I mentioned earlier. I have already done some, though not a lot. I had disturbing dreams all night and I think maybe I need a nap this afternoon. Hehe. Maybe I'll do that. Anybody got a magic formula to give me energy?

The boys are eating lunch now, and the horses are still finishing breakfast, which is a good sign that I fed them plenty this morning. I guess it is time to sign off here because I have to clean the kitchen while these three are stuck in their seats...not that Jamie's ever contains him. Even now he is standing like Jack Sparrow on his chair, as though sailing into port on a sinking ship. He actually has a lot in common with Jack Sparrow. Hm. I better get going.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A gross nature walk.

I am relieved to report that I finished my homework and submitted it yesterday afternoon. I don't feel that I did a great job on it though, and after I sent it in I discovered a significant error in one of my scenes. Oh well. What's done is done, I guess. I usually feel like a million bucks the day after I submit my homework, but today I have a bad headache, so I might not get much more than usual done. Too bad, because my house could use some major work. I took some Tylenol this morning, so if it kicks in I will try to go on a big cleaning spree.

So yesterday afternoon I went outside, to water the horses, I think. I found an injured bird on the sidewalk. It was a slate-colored Junco. I love those little birds. I think they are very cute and pretty too. Something a little different from the typical brown sparrows around here. Anyway, I think it was a female. I picked her up because she was flailing around and not able to stand. I was worried the dogs would get her. I say dogs plural because we have my sister's black lab, Magnum, staying with us right now. So I picked up this adorable bird. I could only guess her leg was broken because she could not support herself on that side of her body. She didn't appear capable of flying either, so I wondered whether her wing could be broken too. I wished in that moment that I were a vet. I have tried rescuing birds in our yard before, and I have never succeeded. I prayed for the little bird as I stroked her head. The dogs saw her and Magnum got very excited. I yelled at them to go away. I put her down briefly on the trampoline, hoping that there she would at least be out of reach of the dogs. She started thrashing again and I thought better of leaving her there. What if she fell off into their waiting jaws? So I moved her to the top of the stack of straw bales we have by the round pen. It was high enough that I could hardly get her up there, and wide enough that she should be fairly secure up there. I thought maybe the straw would keep her warm and maybe she would recover enough to fly away on her own. Not long after that I had to go back outside to let Sasha and Maybelline out of the round pen after they had eaten their pellets. I peeked on the bales but did not see the bird. I am short enough that I figured there was still a chance she was up there but I could not see her from my angle. Here are a few pictures of her.

I also found some weird bones around recently. I guess I didn't really find them. Really it was Radar who was toting something around in his mouth, so I had a good look at it, and for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. There is one bone that is about the size of a grapefruit. At first I thought it was a skull, but I don't think it is. I thought maybe a pelvic bone, but I have been googling animal skeletons and can't find a picture of anything like this. So, here it is. Any bone experts out there? What kind of bones are these? 

Any ideas, anyone? I also found some teeth. Here they are:

All I know about these is that they are herbivore teeth, and of course, not human. Haha. A very important distinction to make when you find bones in your yard, which we actually do fairly often. Could be from a cow or calf, could be deer...I don't know. I'd love to know though, just in case. Funny, I have been reading Kathy Reichs books, so when I found these I thought of her and wished I could email them to her to get her opinion. The weird bone has squiggly marks all over it too. I wondered what those meant. 

So yesterday was an interesting day for nature around here. Sadly, when I went out this morning to feed the horses, I found the bird. It was barely recognizable, but I saw a leg that left no doubt in my mind that it was the bird I had hoped to rescue yesterday. It made me sick, honestly, and I was so mad at the dogs. I don't know which one killed it, but either way, I find it tragic. I know, it's only a bird, but it was beautiful to me, and that was her only chance at life. Now it is over for her. The circle of life, right? Well, sometimes that is depressing. Did I mention a mouse also drowned in the dogs' water pail yesterday? Sheesh. Situations you don't often encounter living in the city but we see often enough around here. 

This is getting long, so I'll sign off. The two older boys are playing outside and Micah is hanging out in here with me and the cats. He is cuddling with Cricket right now. It's very sweet. Bye for now.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Still sick, but improving.

Wow. Over a week since my last post. I didn't realize it had been that long. I am still sick with a very sore throat, but my cough has improved significantly. We did go away for Thanksgiving overnight on the weekend, and it turned out all right despite me feeling this way. I slept on an air mattress in the basement by myself while Mike slept upstairs in a room with Micah and the other two boys slept in the room beside them.

Right now, I am desperately trying to get some quiet so I can finish up my latest homework assignment, which is due tomorrow. I have really been slaving over this one, and not doing that well in my opinion. I am nearly done now, but have another half page or so to write. Hard to do when I am completely uninspired on that particular assignment.

The boys have been fighting a lot, which has been hard. Cody has been very rebellious this past week and we have been battling it out over and over again. Not my idea of fun, and though it is par for the course, I always find it very difficult when his attitude gets really bad. They went outside to play in the van for a while, their new favourite game. Works for me. Now to get Micah to be independent long enough for me to actually get something done.

This is a dull post, but I have to end it so I can get my homework done. I'm off for now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Preschool day

Cody is at preschool this morning, but today he actually made excuses as to why he did not want to go. That is very out of character for him, but he even said his leg was painful so he would have to stay home. Sheesh. Anyway, I dropped him off this morning, so hopefully he will have a good time and come home excited to go back again. He missed last week because he was sick. Of course, I am still quite sick and was up all night coughing, but I do feel that there has been a slight improvement over the last 24 hours or so. I hope I am right!

Jamie is outside playing in the van right now. Not sure whether that's the best idea, but he loves it and he does not have the keys, so I figured the damage he could do would be minimal. Micah is inside with me, playing with the phone. He will probably dial somebody by accident. He has done it before. Crazy kid! He seems to be feeling all right, though he is purple under the eyes, and on one side there is a scratch or something, so it looks like he has a black eye. Other than that, he looks a bit better today and seems decently happy. I hope we are coming to the end of this horrible virus!

Today is the day I need to try to catch up with some housework, seeing it is still very messy in here. I have about five baskets of laundry to fold and put away, and I should do at least two loads in the wash.

Jamie just came in and saw a pinecone on the floor. He said it was gross and it was a choking hazard. He has determined that he should throw it away. He insisted it should go in the sandbox. He said bye, and then told me he is not Auntie Patti anymore. He is Jamie. Okay. Whatever works for him. He likes to pretend to be other people, and he was pretending to be his Auntie Patti while he was playing in the van, because she has a truck and he was pretending to be driving a truck. He is only two and a half, but somehow he knows that a van is not that cool and a truck is. Hm. Hehehe.

Anyway, not too much else to report at this time. Everything is the same around here for now. I have about two days to get better before we decide whether or not to stick with our Thanksgiving plans. (For you Americans out there, our Thanksgiving is this coming weekend. I know yours is much later, in November, I think?) I was supposed to be bringing the turkey, but my mom is going to get one herself because she doesn't think I'll make it there. We'll see, I guess. For now, I'm off to enjoy the last three quarters of an hour of silence around here, with Jamie still outside and Cody not home. Aaahhh. It is rather peaceful, I must say. Bye for now.

Monday, October 4, 2010

This is crazy.

Another Monday dawns sunny and beautiful in our little neck of the woods, but we are still overrun by sickness. My antibiotics ended yesterday and I am now way worse than I was about three or four days ago.  At 1:30 a.m. I was coughing so hard I threw up. I have never done that. Never. My throat feels like someone has stuck a knife through it. Micah is coughing as hard as I am, and is miserable. Enough is enough. I am taking myself and Micah to the doctor this afternoon, provided I can find baby sitting for the other two boys. I hope I can. I am desperate. I have never in my life had a sore throat that lasted a full two weeks, especially with a whole round of antibiotics in between. I guess I am going for some kind of record here. I hope the doctor can do something for us. I am desperate for help.

Other than that, things are fairly typical around here. Jamie decided to use my laundry rack as a ladder, and it is now completely destroyed. I now have nowhere to hang my diapers to dry every day. I know, I can just buy a new one, but it's the principle. You know, the whole concept of having to buy new things that we already had over and over again just because one of our kids decides to destroy the perfectly good item that we already paid for.

Now, Micah is standing in front of me alternately screaming and crying, and making pathetic faces to lay on the guilt. He is miserable with this sickness and I feel bad for him, but there are moments where he also drives me crazy. I don't know how much longer we can function this way. I hope I will have good news after I see the doctor this afternoon...if we're able to go, of course.

I am going to read for a while. Not much good for anything else today. Bye for now.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Today, I notice an improvement in my health for the first time in over a week. My throat still hurts, as do my sinuses, but I can tell it is improving and that gives me hope that this will actually come to an end! As for the boys...Cody is still coughing, but not bad. Jamie is tired. I'm not sure what his deal is. He said his throat was sore earlier, so I think he's still under this thing. Micah is clingy today, and a tad fussy, but nothing horrible. So, I believe we are on the road to recovery.

I managed to finish and submit my homework last night, and it was a great relief to me. Today, I practically feel like a new person. I did a bunch of cleaning yesterday, even though I was still not really up for it, because my sister and her husband were coming over to drop off their dog, Magnum, for a couple of weeks while they are in their moving transition. I didn't exactly achieve spic-and-span status, but the house was more than presentable, and I was quite happy about it, though it was hard work for me. Today, I am more into my typical house mom routine than I have been in a while. This morning, in a fit of inspiration, I even tried a new recipe for something called coconut cream muffins. They sounded so good and I wanted something extra for the boys for lunch, so I went for it. They actually turned out pretty nice. I love coconut, so anything like that appeals to me. I also pulled out some chicken for supper and I intend to make the much-loved chicken broccoli casserole. Yes, I am feeling more up to doing my job than I have in a while. I do dread cooking the chicken because for some reason, I hate handling raw meat. Anyway, that is on my agenda now. I must run and prepare supper. Mike will be so shocked. Sad, isn't it?

Micah has started wailing in the background, and I can't decide whether to rescue him from his crib or whether to let him cry a bit in hopes he will go back to sleep. Whenever he wakes up crying it always means he is not finished napping, so if I get him up now, he will probably be grumpy for a long time. What to do? He sounds so sad. Either way, I must sign off for now. The other two boys are occupied with a tv show for the moment. I'm off.