Friday, October 29, 2010

Bombs away.

Being a mom is like being on the bomb squad. Every day is spent rushing to diffuse situation after situation, and each success is followed by another call. It's stressful. It's messy. Occasionally it's dangerous, if only for the mental health. You have to be able to negotiate. You're on call 24 hours a day, every day. There are no holidays, unless you're lucky enough to have a retired bomb squad member living near enough to take a shift now and then. If the bomb goes off, it's always your fault. If the bomb goes off, you still have to diffuse it afterwards, and risk a worse, secondary explosion. There are sometimes casualties. You are sometimes one of them. Even if you are hurt, you cannot have a day off to recuperate.

Yesterday I diffused a bad situation in the morning. It was a successful day that way. Cody was in a bad state, and I took him to his room again with a stack of books and enforced a quiet time. Somehow, I got him calmed down enough to submit to it, and he came out of there about half an hour later doing much better than he had been earlier. A victory. Rare, and definitely appreciated.

Later, my mother-in-law invited them over for the afternoon. Well, she actually invited all of us, but Micah needed a nap and I needed to work on my homework, so I dropped off Cody and Jamie and then I had a quiet afternoon here, working on my homework and also doing some much needed cleaning and organizing of the front closet.

The evening brought on some other developments that were very upsetting to me. Micah got fussy, as usual. He is not a fussy boy, but in the evenings, toward his bedtime, he gets very fussy and demanding, and he only wants me. He won't let Mike hold him. It has to be me. So he followed me around, crying and crying. I gave him a sippy cup of water to distract him, as I was not quite ready to sit down and cuddle with him, the only sure fire way to get him to relax and be happy again. As he followed me around the island counter in the kitchen (I was pretending to run just ahead of him, attempting to make him laugh), I heard a splatter and turned around. He had barfed on the floor. Okay. I was freaking out a little. Anyone who knows me is aware of just how much I can't handle barf. It wasn't that gross. It was mostly water, but the mere fact that it happened was disturbing me greatly. Okay, fine. I cleaned it up and changed his sleeper, and then I sat with him for a bit. Then we put him to bed. He cried. He always does. But he didn't stop. He would calm down now and then for a minute or two, but then started again. Eventually we checked on him, and wouldn't you know it, he had barfed in his crib. Oh boy. Panic started to overtake me. Again, it was not very gross other than the smell, but now I was sure he was sick and I was also sure I was going to get it. The thing is, over the last six weeks I have had bronchitis, a sinus infection, pink eye and a bladder infection. That also included a severe sore throat that lasted nearly  five weeks. The thought of adding barfing to my list of ailments literally brought me to tears. I also felt terrible for Micah.

So I went to bed dreading the night. I was pleasantly surprised when Micah slept all night and had no further vomiting issues. I am now wondering whether he just guzzled too much water and then got so hysterical he did a bit of a hiccup and the water came spewing back out. Both times he had just guzzled a whole bunch of water, so it is possible. I am hoping that is all it was.

This morning there was a disaster of another kind. Last night, Mike baked brownies. Why did he do that? Was it just to torture me? Well, not entirely. Mike promised his students he'd bring goodies today. I guess being the last school day before Halloween they are having some kind of party at school. I was sad that he didn't make two pans, but let's face it, it's probably better that way. I needn't have worried. This morning, the boys dug into the pan with spoons and destroyed a third of the brownie. Mike had to leave it home. I was not in the kitchen when the mess was discovered, but I am guessing Mike was livid. I certainly was...though secretly a tiny bit glad the brownies could stay home for the day. Still, that was particularly bad, and they knew it too. The pan was covered. It never occurred to me they would look in it and eat out of it. Nothing is safe in this house. Nothing. Mike took the Wii with him and Super Mario Kart. Cody was pretty ripped off about this. I figure it kind of serves him right. I am not sure whether Mike planned to take the Wii all along, but if he didn't, it probably was to make up for arriving empty handed as far as treats go. Sheesh.

So, now the boys are playing downstairs again, which is a relief to me. Micah is toddling around, making happy sounds. He has a very runny nose, but other than that seems to be okay. And now I must do as much cleaning as I can in the morning so I can focus on my homework this afternoon. I also get to take a trip to the post office today to pick up a package. Oooo! That's always exciting. This time it's books. What could be better than that?! Too bad I'll be too busy to read them. Oh well. My plan today is to stay on my feet as much as possible, other than this afternoon when I do my homework. So, I better end this post and get going. I certainly have more than enough cleaning to keep me very busy for a long time. I'm off for now.

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