Friday, October 1, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Today, I notice an improvement in my health for the first time in over a week. My throat still hurts, as do my sinuses, but I can tell it is improving and that gives me hope that this will actually come to an end! As for the boys...Cody is still coughing, but not bad. Jamie is tired. I'm not sure what his deal is. He said his throat was sore earlier, so I think he's still under this thing. Micah is clingy today, and a tad fussy, but nothing horrible. So, I believe we are on the road to recovery.

I managed to finish and submit my homework last night, and it was a great relief to me. Today, I practically feel like a new person. I did a bunch of cleaning yesterday, even though I was still not really up for it, because my sister and her husband were coming over to drop off their dog, Magnum, for a couple of weeks while they are in their moving transition. I didn't exactly achieve spic-and-span status, but the house was more than presentable, and I was quite happy about it, though it was hard work for me. Today, I am more into my typical house mom routine than I have been in a while. This morning, in a fit of inspiration, I even tried a new recipe for something called coconut cream muffins. They sounded so good and I wanted something extra for the boys for lunch, so I went for it. They actually turned out pretty nice. I love coconut, so anything like that appeals to me. I also pulled out some chicken for supper and I intend to make the much-loved chicken broccoli casserole. Yes, I am feeling more up to doing my job than I have in a while. I do dread cooking the chicken because for some reason, I hate handling raw meat. Anyway, that is on my agenda now. I must run and prepare supper. Mike will be so shocked. Sad, isn't it?

Micah has started wailing in the background, and I can't decide whether to rescue him from his crib or whether to let him cry a bit in hopes he will go back to sleep. Whenever he wakes up crying it always means he is not finished napping, so if I get him up now, he will probably be grumpy for a long time. What to do? He sounds so sad. Either way, I must sign off for now. The other two boys are occupied with a tv show for the moment. I'm off.

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