Sunday, October 24, 2010

Power outage.

As I type this, our house has a deeper silence than we usually experience, other than the sound of Cody and Jamie playing downstairs. What I mean is, our power went out. Odd. It is October. It is chilly out, but not even below zero. There is no snow or ice outside, and not even much wind. What has taken out our power? I just finished baking a birthday cake for my mother-in-law. I can’t tell you how close the timing was. I would probably be despairing now if the cake had still been in the oven. I had just turned on the washing machine to do my diaper laundry when everything quit. Oh dear. In the absence of electricity, I become much more aware of how much I depend on it. What can I do now? I can’t watch TV or play Wii. No problem. I’ll surf the net. Oh wait, I can’t do that without power either. We have wireless internet, and when we have no power, I can’t connect to it. Hm. Can’t call anyone to chat because the phones are all cordless. Somewhere we have one with a cord, and it works when we need it, but it is not currently plugged in. So I decided to blog, but even that is more complex without electricity. I have to type this in Word, using my laptop, of course, and later when I have power again I will cut and paste it into my blog and post it. Crazy. I feel like there’s nothing to do without power. It shouldn’t be that way. I am out of books to read, or I’d gladly indulge in that pass-time. Actually, what I should be doing is homework, but I just don’t feel like it. I think I am a tad bit rebellious right now about homework. I am so close to being done and it’s like that psychological tendency to slow down when you see the finish line is close. I was always told to run as hard as you can right past the finish line, but here I am, slowing down and desperate to be done. Silly, as I have enjoyed my course and learned a ton from it.
Our horses could pose a problem too, as our fence is electric. Most of it, anyway. I guess we could put them all in the round pen when we leave if we still have no power. Here’s where an automatic waterer might not be advantageous. Who knows? Our horses are very weird. We bought a new trough for them; a real trough, that holds 100 gallons. That’s not that much, but it works for three horses. So yesterday afternoon we surrounded it with straw bales to help insulate it from the cold. This morning, we looked out and the horses had moved all of the bales and pulled them apart and have now been eating them. Even with a ton of hay out there, they are still munching on the straw too. Weird. Funny, but weird.
The day is over and the power is back on. It came on after only about half an hour. Tomorrow will be a long day. I may or may not have time for blogging. Goodnight.

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