Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A quiet and sunny day. Aahhhh!

Ah! Sweet silence. Okay, Micah is in the living room with me, trying on rubber boots and toting around a piece of my laundry rack, but he's happy and for the moment, not demanding anything of me. The other two have been booted outside, seeing it has warmed up nicely and I want them to get some fresh air and hopefully have some fun out there. For some reason, they don't fight as badly when they are not in the house. Micah will go down for his nap soon, and then I'm going to see about getting a start on my next homework assignment. Only four left and then I'm done my course! Woo hoo!

I am feeling better today. Still talking with a nasal voice, and my eye is still itchy, but it looks much better today so I am encouraged. Tonight I get to go to my first moms' group. It might be a book study, it might be a Bible study...we are not entirely sure yet, but either way it will be the support of other young moms and that is exciting to me.

I did not accomplish all of my goals yesterday, but I did get the living room nice and clean and the kitchen is also clean, so I am having one of those days where I think to myself, wouldn't it be great if Oprah's crew showed up today? Or Publishers Clearing House or something? Haha. No, I guess I am not wishing for any unexpected company. I just know that if someone did show up, I would not be mortified. Hm. On the other hand, a quick glance at myself tells me I should be mortified if someone were to knock on my door unannounced. I have not showered. I have some kind of weird, white stain on  my very comfy but not-so-pretty blue sweatshirt. (I think it is from Micah's mouth, some kind of slobber or worse.) My hair is not entirely in the ponytail that I whipped up first thing this morning. And I am wearing Mickey Mouse pyjama pants. I think of them as lounge pants now, so to me they are day time clothes. I never wear them to bed. However, they do still have holes in them on the inner thigh, so I'm thinking they have passed beyond the realm of decent into some other place. A place that cries out, "throw me away!" But I don't really listen. Comfortable and practical. That's what I say. I know what happens to my clothes around here. Just a few minutes ago I stepped on a syrupy chunk of pancake that Micah had thrown on the floor and I didn't notice. Blech! Let's not forget that Jamie has in the past attempted to cut my shirt with scissors WHILE I was wearing it. So, with those types of incidents being something of a "norm" around here, why would I risk my only decent clothes? This is my mommy uniform. I put it on deliberately every morning, and if we have company, I change right before they come. If I have to go somewhere, I change into my nice clothes, and as soon as I get home, I change back again. I'm not sure whether I am normal or not. My guess is, there are two camps. There are the fashionable moms, who wear nice clothes all the time (and by nice clothes, I am including jeans and shirts that may be casual, but are flattering and easily appropriate to wear for outings); and then there are the moms like myself. We have a limited wardrobe, and save the good stuff for outings. We wear our old paint shirts and pyjama bottoms because they are comfortable, and any further staining or holes will not devastate us because they are already pretty ugly. As it turns out, the more I type, the more I think there are probably not two camps. I just don't have many nice clothes, so I have to wear them sparingly. Oh well. That's how it is for now, and I'm okay with that.

And now the silence in my house is complete. The boys just got picked up by their grandmother who is taking them over to her house for the afternoon. Woo hoo!!!! Now I don't know whether to nap, cook, clean, or play Wii! Haha. I guess the options are limitless. Oh wait, there's homework to do. That was my plan, right? Well, I'll have a look at it and see what I can do. I better sign off. This is not going to last long, I'm sure!

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