Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snowfall warning?

Apparently we are under a snowfall warning right now, but it doesn't give any details. Yes, it has snowed today, but mostly it is pouring rain. All in all, very gross weather this morning. It is only 1 degree above zero and windy, and yes, very wet. The rain changes to snow intermittently, but I can't figure out what the warning is about. Are they just saying, "Hey everyone, prepare yourselves because today you will see snow for the first time this fall"? Or are they saying that by the end of the day we might need a tractor to plough our way out of the yard? I don't know. Either way, I am perfectly happy to stay inside today. In fact, last night for the first time in about a month I got Mike to do the evening feeding of the horses instead of volunteering to do it myself. We had originally agreed that I'd do the morning feeding and he would do the evening, but I find most nights I want to do it myself so I just do it. Last night it was not only cold, it was also raining. I chickened out. Here comes the winter, and feeding the horses is going to be less and less fun, I'm pretty sure. Never mind the watering. Yikes.

Our day was off to a very rough start, when I caught Cody under his covers with Mike's iPad (strictly forbidden, as I had reminded him at least five times this very morning) and a bag of M&Ms from the cupboard, which we were saving for baking. I was very angry. Cody and I had a rough afternoon yesterday too, so it seemed to carry over into this morning. I was extremely angry and asked him why he was so bad. He said he wasn't bad. I knew I shouldn't have said it, but I was SO angry because of how he has been acting. Later I had a chat with him and apologized. I told him he is a good boy, but he has been making a lot of bad choices. He apologized too, and he hugged me and told me he loved me. He's so amazing. He has been an angel ever since. I hope our day will be all right. Right now, all three boys are playing nicely so I am enjoying a few moments to myself. What I need to do right now is my homework, but what I plan to do today is a lot of cleaning. I was at the ophthalmologist yesterday, so didn't get much done in the way of household chores. I got a good report on my eyes, by the way.

So, I guess on this miserable day I should sign off and maybe crank some tunes or something so I can get inspired to clean. Mike will be late getting home tonight, so I will be doing the supper and bath and bed time with no back up. That also probably means I will be feeding the horses at 8:00 p.m., in the dark, in the rain. Ew. So, now to make things as easy as possible so the day doesn't feel too awful. As I sign off, it continues to pour, but I don't see any snowflakes at the moment. Maybe I'll have a picture in here tomorrow of a white yard. I'm off for now.

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