Monday, October 18, 2010

What now? Quarantine??

Monday morning. I have set my sights low today. My goals? To clean the living room, and to clean my room at least a little bit. Hm. Maybe also to clean the main bathroom, but might save that one for Mike to do after the boys have their baths. Our health around here continues to be compromised. Well, maybe it's just me. I don't know. My eye is extremely red, and it is itchy too. Not my usual eye issue, but it seems I may have pink eye. So now, apparently it is ridiculously contagious, so I feel like I have to be quarantined with my boys for a while. Up to three weeks, is what I read it can last. Lovely. I'm just so tired of missing stuff and cancelling things due to health issues. I just want to feel normal again. When is the last time I did? Who knows.

So today, I am staying home. I will clean, as I mentioned earlier. I have already done some, though not a lot. I had disturbing dreams all night and I think maybe I need a nap this afternoon. Hehe. Maybe I'll do that. Anybody got a magic formula to give me energy?

The boys are eating lunch now, and the horses are still finishing breakfast, which is a good sign that I fed them plenty this morning. I guess it is time to sign off here because I have to clean the kitchen while these three are stuck in their seats...not that Jamie's ever contains him. Even now he is standing like Jack Sparrow on his chair, as though sailing into port on a sinking ship. He actually has a lot in common with Jack Sparrow. Hm. I better get going.

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Anonymous said...

My magic formula(which is not magic at all) is seritonin and oxytocin mixed with a nice balance of dopemine. Seritonin is the hormone released when you feel happy, oxytocin is a nurturing hormone that gets relased when you feel nutrured and give nurture(not just nursing releases this), and dompmine is released when you have doodely doo doo doo. So I find that my energy is the best when I have these hormones pumping through my body at a healthy balance. Oxytoicin makes you feel really relaxed, and sleepy at first, but after relaxation comes a good dose of energy.

Girl, I find it challenging to stay energetic while raising little children(we both have 3 young boys), but really my encouragement to you is feel good about who you are, and know that you are doing such a wonderful job with your family. And let yourself have those days of utter physical and emotional exhaustion, I have them all the time. But NO guilt when you have those days and moments, guilt is an energy zapper. I say to myself, I am just a girl, and I sigh with great relief.

Cheryl, you are an outstanding mother, a sweet wonderful friend and sister, and you have so much beauty!!!! So there you have it, you're a star.

Go ahead, let yourself feel good about yourself today!!!!!!! I am telling that to myself too.