Monday, November 22, 2010

A Chilly Monday

We are nearing the worst time of day here, and the house is literally vibrating with activity. Cody and Jamie have literally been running from one end of the house to the other for at least half an hour now. The floor is shaking. I am shaking. My nerves are oddly relaxed. In fact, their activity may be the only thing keeping me awake. I am glad they are running, as a good portion of the day today was spent vegging out a bit. My bad. I barely got any sleep last night. Well, maybe that's not true. What I do know is something happened around 3 a.m. that involved Jamie coming in our room and requesting that his nose be wiped. Then I had to go tuck him into his bed again. I'm pretty sure that was the incident at 3 a.m. Maybe that was the earlier incident. Either way, when my supposed sleep was interrupted at 3 a.m. I remember thinking that I had not even fallen asleep yet. I was stressed. The second time Jamie came in I begged Mike to deal with it, as I was very close to sleep. Then I had bizarre dreams all night. I barely remember them now, though I did this morning. All very strange.

And so, I have made it mostly through my Monday, but I did not accomplish anything. I did not wash a single dish yet, nor have I even made my bed. I have fed the boys two meals, and I now have supper in the oven, so I guess I have accomplished that much. I also fed the horses their morning meal and their afternoon pellets and oats. That is not a fun job right now, with the frigid weather.

I just got an email from Mike saying he would be late getting home, so I am glad I did not make the chicken I was going to make. I'm too tired to make gravy and mash potatoes tonight. This is a big week for us. Cody has his specialist appointment in the big city and we have to leave nearly right after preschool on Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to it. I will be traveling alone with three kids ages four and under in sub-zero temperatures for a good three hours. My main worry is that someone will need to use the bathroom. Oh boy. I can't leave anyone in the van, so they'd all have to come in. And while I help Jamie use the toilet, or even Cody, who is going to make sure Micah doesn't touch something disgusting in a public bathroom? Gross. Am I stressed about this? Yes. I am, a little. It's not my ideal. I especially don't like doing this in winter. Around here, winter is treacherous, and you never know what the highways will be like. One adult to three very young boys is not a good ratio, and I just hope we'll make it there with no stops, and all the way back home too.

So, I probably won't be posting often in here this week. Tomorrow I will be home all day as far as I know, but I will probably be preparing for my trip. It will be one of those times that gives me an appreciation for single mothers and how difficult things must be for them. Fathers too. I'm going to sign off now. Micah is attempting to make a phone call and Jamie is driving my laundry basket full of clean clothes and clumps of bunny hair, which he deposited there earlier when he brought Oreo out of his cage and distributed black and white fur all over the living room and the kitchen. I was not in the house to rescue my half-blind rabbit. I saw him dangling from Jamie's arms through the kitchen window when I was outside feeding the horses. Sigh.

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