Monday, November 8, 2010

Fog and grumps!

Today feels odd after the beautiful sunny days we have had all the last week. Fog has rolled in to the point where I actually saw some blowing like smoke across our yard. It is strange. Fog is not terribly unusual around here, but normally if we get fog, we wake up with it and it dissipates as the morning goes on. Today there was no fog when I got up, but it is getting thicker and thicker now. Not only that, but I had to put Jamie back to bed by about 9:00 a.m. and he stayed there. He is very grouchy and I'm wondering what is going on. His nose is runny, but that is the only symptom I have seen as far as physical illness goes.

It is about an hour and a half later, after many interruptions! Jamie is up now, and still very grouchy. He got up at 10:30 a.m. and still refuses to use the toilet. As far as I know, he has not gone today. I had to force him to wear a diaper because he vehemently refused to pee on the toilet, even after I put him on there. This is the first time in several days that he has even had a diaper on, including overnight. It is frustrating, but he is in a mood, and when Jamie decides something, good luck changing his mind.

It is still gloomy here, though a moment ago a determined beam of sunshine broke through the clouds, only to be smothered again. Still, it is not bad out for November in Manitoba. All in all, it is a very blah day. We are all reeling from the time change, as we do every year, twice a year. I wish we could just forego the time change, like Saskatchewan does, but I suppose that ship sailed long ago and I doubt it will ever be revisited. On days like this, I would love to curl up with a book or even a good movie and a bowl of popcorn. I might cave in later and grab a book. I have two more new ones to read, but I have been avoiding them in order to not interfere with my homework.

Sigh. Micah is crying, and he is on his way in to see me. I can hear him approaching. Oh, he is really cute. He just burst in here with a little satisfied look on his face. Hahaha! He just threw another tantrum. Today, his tantrums consist of throwing himself down on the floor on his tummy, and then slamming his forehead into the ground, followed by loud wailing. Hehe. He just did it again, but this time he was still standing and like the proverbial ostrich, he just tipped over and slammed his face on the floor. He is yelling at me now, calling me "MAMA". I can't not laugh. At this stage, it is more funny than anything. He is moving on to another challenge. Trying to find some way to irritate me into giving him what he wants, which, by the way, is my bedside clock. He is somewhat obsessed with it these days and enjoys changing the time zone so the time is wrong, not to mention turning my alarm on so at six in the morning  I am jarred from my sleep by an errant alarm that my brain can't process because I have no reason to set an alarm anymore. I have kids for that.

I have to go. He is really doing an admirable job of looking for trouble. I think maybe I should get him some lunch so I can put him to bed. Sorry this post is so blah. I seem to be so overtired lately that despite many thoughts running through my brain, when I actually sit down to my blog, I go suddenly and completely blank. Well, time to go see who Micah is phoning. I'm off for now.

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