Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life is a scream.

I didn't do a post yesterday, but I certainly had an interesting day. I suppose overall, it was just business as usual. I was glad to be back in the routine, at home with the boys. Micah has reached a difficult stage. All he wants to do is endanger his life, and he's good at it, so I have to spend a great deal of my time chasing him. I did so yesterday, and I did dishes, baked cookies and cooked a chicken dinner complete with mashed potatoes. And laundry. Not for dinner. I mean I did laundry. Like I said, business as usual.

Except when I went out to feed the horses in the afternoon. Of course, I was back to forking hay first thing in the morning, after a somewhat extensive break since last Wednesday morning. After lunch, once Micah was down for his nap, I ventured out in all my layers and Mike's clompy boots to feed them their pellets and oats. Never a fun job, due to having to separate them so they each get the correct amount. Yesterday, that was not the fun part. I went to the shed first to scoop the feed into each of their pails. I grabbed the ice cream pail and dipped it into the large bag of oats. Uh oh. Something moved in there. I have been half-expecting this day to come, but then I second guessed myself because we have had pellets and/or oats in the shed since we got horses and this has never happened before. I tentatively peeked into the bag. It is not terribly light in the shed, but it was certainly bright enough in there for me to positively identify the mouse that was running in frantic circles inside of the oats. The bag is tall, probably three feet, and the bag is about two thirds full right now. Clearly, I needed to catch the mouse and get it out of there. I dipped the pail in again and tried to scoop up the mouse. I missed. It panicked. I tried again. Missed again. More panic. Then the darn thing started to burrow under the oats. Soon it was completely out of sight. I had to stick my hand in and try to sift it out. If anyone is shrieking in horror right now, no need. I was wearing winter gloves or I would never have dared such a stunt. Don't get me wrong. I am not afraid of mice, but I have no desire to be bitten by one either. It took two handfuls of oats, but I sifted the little guy back into view and plunged my pail back in once again. Then he did something I didn't expect. He jumped. High. Like ten inches. I screamed. Nervously, I stuck my pail back in again and caught him. He jumped at me from the bottom of the pail. I screamed again. Then, he was perched on the very rim of the pail. He was in a quandary. He eyed me and the distance to the ground. I too had a decision to make. I couldn't very well let the little guy eat our oats. I also didn't want him camping out in our van, like his little buddies have been doing. I called the dog. This is extremely out of character for me, but I knew it was not good to have mice around in our stuff. Radar was very excited and gladly grabbed the mouse when I tossed it off the pail into the snow. However, he also lost it shortly afterward, and the crazy thing ran up the ramp at my feet. I screamed again. Sheesh. The mouse hid in the shed, and I'm sure it has enjoyed many lovely snacks since our encounter, but I have not laid eyes on it since. I told the boys my story and Cody loved it. He jumped when I described with animation how the mouse jumped at me. It was pretty funny.

Today I was a little on the jumpy side too. Radar was barking and being annoying outside so I went to the door by the pantry in the kitchen and threw it open. I called him as warm air was sucked out of the house at an alarming rate and cold air rushed in mercilessly. Radar made his appearance after a clumsy moment on the stairs and charged in the kitchen. I told him to stay by the door and promptly slammed it, preserving what warmth was left in the house. I turned toward the pantry to exit the area and saw movement. I jumped and screamed. It was a little boy. Jamie, to be more specific, and he was naked from the waist down. He was holding a small pylon which he had filled with the last of our pancake syrup and I can only guess that he was about to drink it. And here I thought he was getting less eccentric. I don't know what gave me that idea. 

And now I am listening to Micah wail in his bed, as he does every night. He piles on the guilt. I wish I were less susceptible to it, but alas, he knows my weakness. Or maybe I should say one of my weaknesses. He is good at it. I feel bad for him every single night. But he has to go to bed and he does eventually have to go to sleep too. I've never had a kid who protested so loudly and for so long every single night at bedtime. You'd think he'd be used to the routine by now, but I suppose not. I am going out tonight soon for my moms' group. I don't look forward to braving the elements, as I already have a chill from my horsey moments today, but hopefully we'll have a nice time together. 

Oh, I should also mention we got our piano tuned again yesterday, just in time for Christmas. I am quite happy about that, though I cannot play when the boys are awake as everyone else bangs on the keys and makes it impossible, and I can't play when they are in bed, for obvious reasons...so it is difficult to get the enjoyment out of it that I'd like. However, I fully intend to play Christmas carols as much as possible for the next month or so. My wrist still hurts, so it will be more challenging than usual, but hopefully I will be able to enjoy it anyway.

One last thing. This afternoon I completed and submitted my second-last homework assignment for my course, which I started two years ago. I have only one assignment left and then I'm homework-free, unless I decide to take the Journeyman level immediately. I have not decided yet what to do. So. On that note, I better close this entry and get ready to go. Shiver. I'm off for now.

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Heidi said...

YIKES! Your mouse story made me jump!!! Hahaha! I would have run and not come back!
Congrats on your soon graduation from the course. You are an amazing writer - an inspiration to us all! =)