Thursday, December 2, 2010

An aimless day.

Today marks the first day of Christmas music in our house this season. I have been aloof with the boys for the last week or more, always shooing them away from me and desperately needing space. I intend to try not to do that today. For some reason, I am utterly exhausted this morning, so I plan to take it easy today. I've had headaches for several days in a row...again, probably due to fatigue. If my kitchen was clean, I'd probably attempt a little baking with the boys this afternoon, but alas, it is not. Hm. Well, that's okay. I'm not too stressed about Christmas baking. I'm more concerned with shopping. Of course I did not finish my shopping in November. Not even close. But I did at least start, so that helps a bit.

This morning, Jamie's pyjama bottoms and top did not match. I wondered whether he had wet his pants in the night. I asked Cody whether Jamie had had an accident, and he said yes. So I just assumed Mike had changed Jamie's pants in the morning. But Cody went on to tell me that it happened in the middle of the night and he helped Jamie change into different pants without anyone else's help. I have to ask Mike about that later, but Cody never lies about stuff like that, so it is probably true. I thought that was fairly impressive. I mean, it's a bummer about the accident, but for Cody to take responsibility for Jamie without even calling Nice, actually, though I do wonder at what time that actually happened. Seems weird that Jamie wouldn't have come to us for help.

I'm too blah to be doing this right now, I suppose. I better go have some breakfast, seeing it is nearly 10 a.m. and I have not bothered to eat yet. Lately I don't really want anything. We don't seem to have any food that appeals to me in any way. And no, I'm not pregnant. It's nothing like that. I really should get some house work done, seeing that's my job. Sorry for the boring post.

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