Monday, December 6, 2010

Letting loose.

I did something out of character today and had a bit of a dance-fest with my kids. To say that I'm not a dancer is a gross understatement. I have never been good at it, and it does not feel natural to me. I always feel stupid when I dance, so I simply don't. But the boys were all eating lunch and I put on some music on my laptop and started dancing a bit. I commented to myself that I don't know how to dance, and Cody heard me. He told me he knows how to dance, so I asked him to show me some of his moves. Haha. He got up from the table and started doing this crazy dance, arms flailing, eyes wide open, and a huge grin on his face. It just hit me. I started doing silly moves too and he started laughing, all the while dancing too. Jamie joined in. I heard Cody say, "Nice moves, Jame!" Then Micah started bopping really good in his high chair. I complimented his style too. I picked up Jamie and we danced all over the kitchen, twirling, bouncing, dipping and laughing. Honestly, my arms were aching from holding him for so long, but I don't remember the last time I had that much fun with the boys. After that song, I put Jamie down and we all danced. I let go of my inhibitions seeing my boys looked just as ridiculous as I did, but they didn't care. I decided not to care either, and I kept dancing in the kitchen, even after I released Micah from his high chair. Cody and Jamie made it into a game where they would run into the kitchen and if I danced toward them they would run away screaming and laughing. We must have done it for about twenty minutes. It really felt good. I am considering doing it every day. What a fun way to get some exercise and spend some fun time with the boys. They all loved it. Radar stared at me like I had completely lost it, but the rest of us had fun. Of course, I could never do that in public, but how nice to live with such non-judgmental least in terms of one's dancing abilities.

Now, the house is silent. Micah is asleep and I just booted the other two out for some outdoor time. It is pretty nice out and I had just come in from feeding the horses their oats. I was out there for a while and the cold didn't get to me, so I figured there was no excuse for the boys to miss out on some fresh air. I think they're trying to toboggan on our big hill. I can hear a shout now and again. It's time for me to begin a little work on my final homework assignment. It's due in just over a week. Phew. Almost done! I better sign off for now. The silence will only last so long!

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