Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More literary nightmares??

Okay, please excuse this minor vent. Just over a month ago I posted about Hilary Duff and how she now has a best-selling novel. You may remember this disturbed me greatly, but I also found out she used a ghost writer. So essentially, she did not even write her book, though I understand the idea was hers. All right. I don't think about this every day anymore, and had kind of forgotten about it when I found out last night that Nicole Richie just put out a novel too. In her case, it's her second novel. Her third is in process and is scheduled for release next year. Oh my goodness. I don't think I am going to say any more about this at the moment. The reviews are mixed. I shouldn't think this way, but I can't help but wonder whether she had to labour over her work like a non-famous writer would. Was she published more easily because the publisher knew people would read the book if her name was on it? Sigh. At least she wrote it herself. That's an improvement over some. I must be jealous. That must be why it bothers me so much. I wonder whether I'll ever be the one whose novel is published? If I am, it certainly won't be famous because of the name on the cover.

Now, back to the business of being a mother. That's my reality now. This morning I have fed the kids, fed the horses, cleaned up a whole lot of poop, done some dishes and played vet to the boys' stuffed animals. Just now, Micah purposely head-butted my knee and my laptop because he is mad at me. Time for bed. I was hoping to keep him up a bit longer, but he is not happy to play right now. He needs to go to bed. Poor little guy. Hehe. I have to say though, his temper is actually quite funny. He's still young enough that we find it kind of cute when he has his dramatic meltdowns. He even has a hint of a smile on his face so it is obviously put on, even though he truly is frustrated. I must go before it gets even worse!

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