Monday, December 20, 2010

More snow, more yucky highways.

I don't know what to report as far as a health update. Jamie was definitely sick yesterday, though he only threw up the one time. He was fine today, but I am a tad bit paranoid. Micah has shown no symptoms and Mike also seems fine. I seem to be past whatever I had. My sister's kids are very sick, and others that I know have been sick as well. The countdown to Christmas is drawing to a close. If people aren't healthy soon, we may not have a Christmas all together for the third year in a row. (My side of the family, that is.) So I guess we'll see what happens.

Our sewer backed up this afternoon. Mike came home in the afternoon and fixed it, but he had to leave again at suppertime for his school's Christmas concert. It is now 10:11 p.m. and he is not home yet. It is about 40 minutes from here and the roads are really bad. It's snowing a ton and there is a snowfall warning out. I hope he gets here soon. I am listening to Boney M's Christmas album and it is somewhat comforting, but I wish Mike would just get here already. I talked to him over an hour ago and the concert was over but him and the staff were meeting at some hotel to have a staff meeting. Sheesh. I was mad. Why would they do that when the highways are bad and he needs to get home? He said it would only take 15-20 minutes. If that had been the case, he should have been here by now. Yeah. He should be here by now. Oh, and the sewer pump stopped working this evening, so I can't flush the toilet or let any water go down any drain because I had to unplug the pump. So I hope everyone stays healthy tonight.

I did manage to make my cookie dough this evening, and I am soaking my prunes for venetarta, but I probably won't make that tomorrow. Truthfully, I'm so tired I don't know how I'll make it at all. I may have mentioned this already, but I finished my Christmas shopping on Sunday afternoon, so I am relieved to be all done.

I'm too tense to blog right now. I have to sign off and wait for Mike. Maybe I'll play some Wii or something to occupy my brain. Bye for now.

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