Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sickness in the Twilight Zone

I think we all have the stomach flu. Sort of. Truly, it's the most bizarre thing. Cody had his one small barfing incident. My stomach was weird all day yesterday, but certainly not unbearable. Then, Jamie came in our room at 3 a.m. and I launched myself out of bed, preparing for major puking. I took him to the bathroom and he said he had a tummy ache, but nothing happened, and he wanted to go back to bed. So, I tucked him in but left a pail there for him and went back to bed. Of course, I couldn't sleep because I was so stressed out, but oh well. Then he came in our room this morning at about 7:30 and said, "My puke is better." I guess he did barf this morning in his pail, but like Cody, only a tiny bit. Now he is acting completely normal. Hyper, climbing on things...etc, and says he feels fine. It is the weirdest thing. Micah has exhibited no symptoms, and Mike sort of has but sort of hasn't. I truly hope this is/was the stomach flu because if we made it through and it was this mild, it was not at all traumatic like our summer with Jamie, or last Christmas. Plus, then we can go to Christmas gatherings without feeling like we might expose people to the bug. I guess we'll see how Micah does now. I'm happy to be able to give such a positive update. We especially worry about Jamie when he is sick because of what happened in the summer.

I'm a little scared to eat still, but I will try it this morning. If I feel good, I might go shopping today. (Blech.) I have to finish up Mike's gift and Micah's too. Everyone else is all set, I think. I can't wait to have that all finished and wrap everything. Then I will really feel like we are on holidays here. Hm. Not sure whether I'll eat after all. Wish I was not such a chicken about this stuff.

Anyway, just wanted to update our status on all this stuff. I'm off for now.

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