Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update on my week.

It has been an interesting week around here. I guess I posted on Monday and not after that. I am happy to report that on Tuesday I officially completed my course and sent in my final assignment. Phew. I can hardly believe after just over two years I have finally finished. That has taken a load off me, and yet I was a bit teary when I sent my email. I won't get the assignment back until sometime between Sunday and Tuesday next week, and after that I will really be done.

My plan was to go hard on my baking and cleaning once my course was done, but I am struggling with weird headaches this week, so I have been taking it easy, a bit. I woke up feeling better this morning, but the headache is now back so I am taking a break. I have been trying to clean my kitchen very thoroughly so I can make my sugar cookies, or sprinkle cookies, as my boys call them. However, it looks like today will not be the day either. I am very paranoid because it seems the stomach flu is running rampant in all the nearby schools and we have had direct contact with one family in particular that now has it, so I am just waiting, kind of holding my breath. Last year was so awful, and I just want this year to be nice. But I find myself discouraged, and tired. If I have a headache every day from now until New Year's, I would take that gladly over a stomach bug. I hope I won't have to experience either scenario.

Cody's preschool Christmas concert was yesterday morning. It was cute. I didn't take my camera along because I knew my hands would be full with Micah and Jamie the whole time. It turns out I needn't have worried about Jamie, but Micah certainly lived up to my expectations. Anyway, it went fine and it was fun to see Cody up there. He looked so serious. Barely a smile, and his lips barely moved as he sang. It's funny because he is so incredibly loud at home. Haha. Funny to see him so quiet and subdued. Jamie was silent the entire time and refused to take even a cookie from the teacher. He is very shy.

Now it is afternoon and I am hiding away, trying to organize my Christmas finances and see what is left to buy. Would be kind of fun if my stupid Microsoft program didn't keep shutting down literally every few seconds. That doesn't usually happen on my computer, so it's time to restart. I'm signing off now.

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