Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday at last.

After a week such as the one I have just had, it is hard to believe I have even survived. Today was not the worst day, though it certainly had its moments. Like this morning, when Jamie removed Micah's pyjama bottoms and diaper and then Micah peed on the carpet. Or, when Jamie climbed onto the speaker beside the TV and knocked the main speaker off the top of the TV. But neither of those were as bad as earlier this week, when Jamie removed Micah's diaper and pants when Micah had a poop in there. Micah got it all over his hands and smeared it on our recliner. That was not my most shining moment of motherhood. Or when Jamie painted my clock purple. All of it. Including the face. Or when Jamie stole the chocolate chips and ate a bunch in his bed, getting chocolate everywhere and putting it up each nostril.

Are you beginning to get the picture of my dwindling sanity? Notice that Jamie's name comes up in every incident. What is it with three year olds anyway? Jamie is currently trying to shock his tongue with a nine volt battery. Don't worry, it's harmless, but the point is that he wants to do it. I'm assuming by his reaction that the battery is dead. He seems disappointed.

Cody certainly gives me his fair share of trouble too. We have had countless time outs and many fights this past two weeks. I have come to the realization that I need to get out of here. Badly. I'm pretty sure that nothing less than two weeks away would cure me, or even help me. If I had money to burn, I would check in to a hotel immediately. Alone. I would take my laptop, and maybe a movie or a book. I would enjoy a full weekend of quiet. I would not use the phone. I would order Chinese food and there would be a hot tub in my room for my relaxation. Once I de-toxed a bit from the insanity of my week, (life), I would work on my writing. Uninterrupted. I cannot describe how badly I want to do this. Obviously I can't, but somehow even the thought of it comforts me.

Tomorrow I have a baby shower for my sister. That will take me out of the house for several hours by myself, so that is good. Not that I will be alone, but I will not have my kids with me, and not only do I need a break from them, I am pretty sure they need a break from me too. It can't be healthy for kids to watch their mother unraveling faster and faster before their very eyes.

I'm on the home stretch now. Mike will be home within an hour, and the boys will be in bed within three to four hours. Ah. I can feel it now. The peace. The quiet. The headache. Yes, I usually have one every evening these days. Here's hoping tonight is an exception. It would be fun to have a pizza night. I miss pizza. I don't remember the last time I had pizza. Maybe some time in December?

Now I'm rambling, so it's time to go. Happy Friday, everyone.

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