Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hair cuts all around.

It is nearly 9 a.m. on this Sunday morning and I am sitting at the island counter in the kitchen listening to the soothing sounds of the dishwasher. What is it about that sound that I love so much? Is it the emulation of ocean waves that relaxes me? Or is it just the satisfied feeling I get knowing I have just done all the dishes? Somehow, the house is always more relaxing when it is clean. The boys slept in a little bit this morning so we did not get the usual rude awakening. Maybe that accounts in part for my improved mood. Maybe it is just the knowledge that in an hour or two, Mike is taking all three boys to his parents' place and I get to stay here alone. I only wish it would be for a longer time. There is so much I would like to do, but just the prospect of having two hours of solitude does wonders for my raw nerves.

Yesterday we went for a visit at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's place. The boys played with their three cousins and all of us got hair cuts. I took before and after shots of the boys, because they were really shaggy. Well, Cody wasn't too bad, but the other two were crazy. Here are a few pics of the hair cuts.

Micah went first, and as soon as I was not holding him, he got upset. I ended up holding him for the whole haircut. I didn't get a shot of the back of his hair, but you can see it was really getting long.

Another shot of Micah before. We tried giving him a ball to distract him, but he didn't stop crying until he was on my lap.

Micah afterwards. Unrecognizable! His curls are gone now. I am sad about that, but he looks much cuter when we can see his eyes!

Jamie before. He is our mop-head. Jamie was born with lots of hair and has always had the thickest and fastest growing hair of all of them. It always sticks up too because he twirls it in his hands all the time. 

Here's Jamie getting sprayed with the water bottle. 

A new Jamie.

Looks like a different kid! He always looks so much smaller with his hair cut!

Cody before. This picture looks like he used to look after a hair cut. Now he likes it really short.

Cody getting sprayed. 

And Cody afterwards, enjoying a treat. He went for a buzz this time around. That ought to last a while!

All in all, we had a nice day. The boys played very well with their cousins and we had a nice visit. We had supper there after and we got home after the boys' bedtime, but they all settled fairly quickly and Jamie even slept in a little bit. It is supposed to get warm today and I hope it really will. Maybe some fresh air that is not painfully cold would do me some good. The boys too. They will be booted outside today for sure. 

Time for me to sign off.

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Soooo cute!!! How's the toe? - Allison