Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One tiny moment...please?

By some small, or maybe large, miracle, I have a moment to myself this afternoon. In a way, I am in denial taking advantage of this moment, but I just can't help myself. You see, Micah is napping. Cody is playing Wii, as a reward for good behaviour while I did my workout, and Jamie went to bed and refused to get up, even when I told him he could play Wii too.

And...there it is. Micah is now crying. So, my wish for a half hour of quiet now that I have done my workout and showered is officially thwarted. This wears on a person's sanity. I say that in all seriousness. Granted, Micah does this every day during his nap time, but sometimes it is hard to get him to go back to sleep. Today, he has a black eye due to a stunt he pulled with a laundry basket yesterday. He did not learn from it. I think Cody is my only child who learns from pain. Hm. Micah is quiet for the moment...I guess I can wait it out a bit and see what happens.

Here is Micah this morning with his black eye. It looks worse in person. He is also very shaggy and needing a hair cut, as you can see.

And one more, just for fun...

There is not a lot to report in here. The boys do what they do every day. Today I snuck into my room to make a quick phone call (not even a personal call, but to arrange a baby shower) and when I returned to the kitchen, the boys were eating Raisin Bran at the table and Micah was standing ON the table. The chandelier was swinging. Micah is 17 months old, for anyone who does not know that. He thinks it's pretty cool that he can get on top of the table all by himself now. I don't find it as cool as he does. Yesterday he took the salt shaker and poured mass amounts of salt all over the table and the floor. This morning, I swept the whole kitchen floor with great vigour and got it to a point where I did not feel like I was walking through sand with glue on my feet. As soon as I put the broom away, Cody spilled Raisin Bran all over the floor. The word "counterproductive" went through my head a million times in a minute. That is the best description of my job and the boys' lifestyle. Sometimes I wonder why I bother at all. I cleaned up the mess and then Micah spilled some more. Wow.

And Micah is still fussing a bit in his room. I will sign off now, in hopes of getting at least a few minutes more to myself. Then I might as well wake up Jamie too. If I don't, our evening will be shot. I have to ask myself, how can I do it all? How can I keep my house clean, keep my boys and husband and myself fed, keep up with laundry, do my workouts, shower, feed the horses, and keep the boys safe and out of trouble, and on top of that, do the writing I want and need to do? So far, I have not found a way. Something has to give. Something is always left by the wayside. Usually, that something is me. I didn't even mention getting enough sleep in there. I won't even bother putting it on the list because right now it is a lost cause.

Micah is chit-chatting now. I really should sign off.

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