Saturday, January 8, 2011

An outing for mama.

I am going out! It's a miracle! Okay, not as big a miracle as if I were actually going somewhere with Mike, but this is still pretty rare. I am meeting a friend in town for lunch. Girl time. Something in very short supply in my house. I have showered and put on makeup, and I'm even having a pretty good hair day. Those are also in short supply around here, for me anyway. Funny, I feel like I just made it through a week of mommyhood with Mike back at work, but in reality, he has only been back to work for two days and now it's the weekend again. Makes me wonder how I'm going to handle next week. No matter. I will take that as it comes. Meanwhile, I get to go out! Ha! So Mike gets to play Mr. Mom today.

Everything else has been business as usual around here. Mass amounts of cereal have been dumped on the floor, this time Mini Wheats. Micah climbs everything in sight. Our diaper sprayer broke and Micah has picked this time to have more frequent and nasty poops than ever before. Oreo's food has once again been dumped in the basement and spread over as much surface area as possible. Jamie smashed a glass on the floor. Micah threw a bowl of Rice Krispies, complete with milk, on the floor. I'm up to my ears in diaper laundry. And of course, my world is, as always, full of male nudity. I don't know whether girls like being naked as much as boys do, but wow, boys REALLY like to be naked. I have one in particular that gets naked and stays naked as often as he can. Living in this house is not for the faint of heart. Even as I type this, I hear bawling in the boys' room. Jamie. It's always Jamie. No doubt Cody did something mean to him. Yep. Now I'm administering a time out. Mike is doing the dump run. Actually, he's back, but not in the house yet. Nothing like a good discipline session to usher me out the door cheerily to my "girl date". Sigh.

I guess I have to sign off now that Cody is in time out. He is making rude noises at me, so this is no longer enjoyable. Just for the record though, Cody is a really good boy and these days he does not require nearly the amount of discipline that he did half a year ago. Just didn't want anyone thinking he is a brat, because even though he has bratty moments (who doesn't?), he's a really amazing boy.

So, I'm off to let Mike finish this time out so I can get dressed and leave. Bye for now!

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