Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Potty training moment.

Oh my goodness, my baby just pooped on the toilet! Haha. Okay, he is not technically a baby anymore. He is now officially 17 months old, and for many moms, that milestone is not shocking at that age. But, he is a boy, and I am told that boys tend to take longer to potty train than girls do. In addition to that, we always train our boys between the ages of two and three. Well, the older two were both trained before they were three. Yep, that's right. Jamie is all done potty training. Phew. I know some people like to really go for it and train their toddlers at the age of 15 months, but that has never been my style. What are the benefits of training a child before they are physiologically capable of going all night with no accidents? Well, the two most popular reasons would be to save money, and to make life easier. Now I hope this won't come across as argumentative or provocative, because in no way do I mean it that way. This is purely my perspective on an issue that is completely a matter of personal choice in one's parenting, as far as I'm concerned. So for me, saving money is not really an issue because I am already using cloth diapers. As a result, I don't have to cringe and groan every time we buy another huge box of pull-ups, or whatever other diapers we would need if we were using disposables. It kind of takes a bit of the pressure off. And here's my other confession. In my opinion, having a "potty trained" child under two years of age is way more work than having one in diapers. I put "potty trained" in quotation marks because I'm a bit dubious about the concept of a child that young being truly trained. Regardless, it means that trips to town, (for me, a 40 minute drive), would then have the added element of having to rush to the nearest bathroom if and when the child had the urge, and then there is also the risk of accidents. Yes, I know it's true that this applies to a newly trained child of any age. The difference is that an older child is more developed in their bladder control and the risk of accidents is significantly lower, and as far as I am aware, the length of time they can "hold it" is significantly longer.

Having said all that, I am still excited that Micah pooped on the toilet tonight. I am also fully aware that he is not going to suddenly get potty trained, just because of one fluky moment. Haha. Fortunately, I am okay with that. I am in no hurry yet. Let me reiterate that the above paragraph is only my philosophy on potty training. No doubt there are moms out there who would think I am insane for that perspective. That's okay. I think we are all insane in our own ways. Certainly once we are mothers, if there was no element of insanity before hand.

And now Cody awaits with wet hair, wearing cozy pyjamas and holding a book anxiously, right beside me. It is time to sign off for now and read to my boys. I'm hoping for a decent night tonight. Micah threw up today, but has been otherwise completely normal in terms of his mood and behaviour, so we shall see. Hopefully the update will be a good one.

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