Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday already?

For those who were wondering, my toe is doing much better, thank you. I get the occasional pain when I bend it the wrong way, but other than that it is really not bothering me anymore. It is not such a pretty color anymore either. Haha. And no, I was not walking the ridgepole of anybody's roof at the time of the incident. However, I still hold to the belief that Anne Shirley was entirely justified in doing what she did, and I would like to think that in her place I would have done the same. Breaking one's toe is vastly different from breaking a wrist, ankle or any other larger bone in the body. Unless it's the big toe. Big toes are not good to break. I have done that before too, and had difficulty fitting my foot into my shoes.

Anyway, this has been a busy week, hence my lack of posts in here. I think I have been out every day this week until today, but honestly, I can't even remember. Monday is what's giving me trouble. Hm. Either way, today is my first day at home in a while and so far I have spent it cleaning like crazy. If Oprah's clean-up-your-messy-house-tour stopped in here right now, they would not know I had done any cleaning at all. Lucky for me, her tour is over. This is one of those days when I have been running all morning but it feels like I have not moved forward at all. I just started my third load of laundry, and the dishwasher is full and running, but there is popcorn all over the floor and the entire toy bin has been emptied into the living room on the floor. That is going to present a bit of a problem when I want to do my workout. That's supposed to be in half an hour. The boys are now cleaning it up...a small miracle. We'll see how they do.

Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in forever. I was nervous about cavities. I have never had a cavity, and I was not having any symptoms, but I was still nervous. The dentist took a look at my x-rays and told me I was a bad dental patient. I asked him if it was because I had not been for a checkup in fourteen years. He said it was because there was nothing for him to do with my teeth, which was good news for me, and bad news for him. He was quite funny and nice, and I was thankful. I had no idea what to expect. So, I had an expensive time, but I am relieved that my teeth are in great condition. I must say though, my gums were significantly sore for the rest of the day. They feel fine today though!

Tonight I will have to go out again, as soon as Mike gets home from work. I need to go to town to shop for my sister's baby shower on Saturday. If the roads are okay, I will be doing that.

Looks like I have to sign off. The boys are getting kind of raunchy now, fighting and bothering each other while they are supposed to be cleaning up. Ugh. Only about four more hours until I get to leave, all by myself!

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